[IGFmaglist] IGF 2018, Paris-UNESCO

MARTINON David david.martinon at diplomatie.gouv.fr
Wed Sep 26 05:21:26 EDT 2018

Dear MAG,

Since last time we met in vivo in Geneva, things have been picking up here in Paris. A s you already know, IGF 2018- The Internet of Trust, will be hosted by the French Republic at UNESCO, from 12th  to 14th November, right after the celebration of the centenary of the end of World War 1 (http://www.centenaire.org).

The web site is http://igf2018.fr.

We are currently working on a (very) high level session on Day 1, from 3 to 7pm.

As I told you, IGF 2018 will be part of a special Paris Digital Week, which also includes the Paris Peace Forum (https://parispeaceforum.org/fr/) and the Gov Tech Summit https://govtechsummit.eu/. We encourage all IGF participants to also be part of these two events, as we send the same message to the participants of these two for a to attend IGF panels. You will be able to go from one site to the other very easily, either using public transportation (metro, bus) or by private means (rental bikes, e-scooters, ...).

I can only advise you to take care asap of your visa and hotel reservations.

And by the way, though I was initially supposed to be in Kabul by now, I will remain in my current position till the end of the IGF, as the coordinator for the French side, along with my friend Pierre Bonis, executive director of AFNIC, and Nicolas Chagny, chair of the French Chapter of the IGF, among many from the French civil society.

We look forward to welcome you all in Paris for a vibrant IGF.

David Martinon
Ambassadeur pour le numérique/Ambassador for Digital Affairs

+33 1 43 17 81 14

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