[IGFmaglist] IGF website community translation project

Lynn St. Amour lynn at internet-matters.org
Wed Sep 26 15:16:18 EDT 2018

Dear MAG members, 
The IGF Website community project began, and it has started to produce some results. There has been the launch of the IGF website in Arabic with its first set of materials translated. Please, see an example at https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/ar/content/igf-code-of-conduct 

Special thanks for Zeina for her collaboration in reviewing.
In order not to have any language lag behind, we would kindly ask if any native speakers of the Chinese or Russian language amongst MAG members or MAG representatives could help to approve some existing translations. This would launch the IGF Website in Chinese and Russian as well and would then include all 6 UN languages.
We hope this will have a snowball effect: the more translations we start to publish dynamically (especially at this stage), the more collaborators will join and help to increase the momentum. 
The quick guide on how to participate can be found at: http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/filedepot_download/3349/1335
Best regards,
IGF Secretariat.

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