[IGFmaglist] (Group 3) Main Session Proposal: Digital Governance and Digital trade, Jurisdiction

MOCHIZUKI Kenta kenta.mochizuki at mercari.com
Thu Aug 1 00:38:47 EDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

First of all, my apologies for being unable to participate in yesterday's MAG virtual meeting due to a huge number of stuff (domestic and foreign legal issues as well as domestic and international public policy issues; desperately need more staffs to help me out..). 

As Carlos kindly shared (thank you so much), I reflected almost all of his suggestions in our working document as follows.


Please let me share the latest progress of my work in relation to the preparation for our main session. I had communicated with the GoJ continuously and finally could arrange a meeting with them to discuss various IGF-related issues. It will be next week, and I will be able to make sure whether the GoJ will attend our main session and others.

In addition to that, I will list up some speaker candidates and share with Group 3 members. In this regard, I will have to reach out to the governments of France (G7 Chair in 2019), the United States (G7 Chair in 2020), and Saudi Arabia (G20 Chair 2020). I am sorry while you are very busy, but please let me contact some MAG members on this.

Thank you and again, please do not hesitate to join our Group 3 to further improve our main session!



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2019/07/31 23:31 に、"Carlos Afonso" <ca at cafonso.ca> を書き込みました:

    Hi dear Kenta, I just mailed to our list a suggestion for modification
    of the title and basic description of the main session, as I tried to
    describe in our virtual meeting of today. Should I incorporate these in
    the online working document?
    fraternal regards
    On 17/07/2019 09:47, MOCHIZUKI Kenta wrote:
    > Dear Colleagues,
    > As reported, please find the below link to Group 3’s main session proposal. Would be so grateful if you could provide any comments or suggestions! As well, I will start to reach out to respective stakeholder groups in order to ask candidates for panelists.
    > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ldBThkQz0RQq7uLx26nskIXqGe2oK7luQp8HiKjHqO4/edit?usp=sharing
    > Thank you and please keep in touch!
    > Sincerely,
    > Kenta
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    > Kenta Mochizuki (Mr.)
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    > 件名: [IGFmaglist] Main session proposal v2 / Content Governance: Rights, Responsibilities, Responses and Risks
    > Hi everyone,
    > Thanks for the positive comments about the proposal so far. The document that was shared on the screen had a few things that are still not discussed plus many notes and separate contributions, but here is the clean version so far (this is not final yet). Still a lot of work to do!
    > Hope the secretariat can update the template to include the full description field, so that other main sessions could follow too. The brief description is good for the promotion of the session, but it might not provide enough information that is important to provide more focus to the discussions, guidelines to the moderators, and input for the reporting process.
    > I look forward to clarification about the role of the Chairs (or local host Chairs) for the main sessions, considering what Chengetai mentioned about “giving visibility to the local host”. Last year, we had a high level French speaker on the session and this year we will certainly have a German representative, plus we have a German co-organizer.
    > In my personal opinion, I really hope that we could remove the role of local host Chair from the guidelines, as it does not seem relevant to how the Main Sessions have evolved over time. Instead, on the diversity criteria (same as we had on workshop proposals applications) a diversity element to have the local community represented could be included.
    > Regards,
    > Sylvia
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