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Dear all,
I am very much in line with Arsene.
Best regards,

  On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 3:17 PM, Arsène Tungali<arsenebaguma at gmail.com> wrote:   Dear all,

I am sending this here because, despite my request during a couple of
meetings, I haven't been answered or I still need clarification.

I think it is important for the Secretariat and the host country to
better communicate (during the MAG calls as well as on this list) so
we are all on the same page, especially on this important initiative.

I requested to be involved (somehow) in the identification/selection
of MPs who are being invited to Berlin for many reasons, including the
possibility of involving them into our national IGF process so they
can get ready for Berlin but also so we can help identify who are the
best to help in influencing ICT processes nationally.

I think fellow MAG members have also indicated their willingness to be
involved. But I just noted during today's meeting that some MAG
members have been contacted on this but I haven't.

We want to know the names of those who have been invited if done yet.
Or a clarification on how this invitation process will be managed. In
the last meeting, i heard that these invitations will be going through
UN representations? Today, I hear something like through Embassies in

The better we are informed, the better we can contribute/support.

I have already indicated to Chengetai (in an email after the Berlin
MAG meeting) that I have approached at least two MPs that I would
strongly recommend being invited. I would like to know more about this
process so that we can invite them to our national IGF that is
happening on August 16. Knowing that they will be invited to Berlin
will encourage them to attend the national IGF.

I will appreciate a response to these quieries.

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