[IGFmaglist] R: Call for input: Introductory & Conclusory sessions

CASSA Concettina cassa at agid.gov.it
Wed Aug 14 04:00:23 EDT 2019

Dear Susan,
Thanks for the great job you are doing!
I think both introductory and conclusive sessions are very well organized.
I have few thoughts to share.

1)      About the MAG member explaining the narrative session and the MAG member who leads/ moderate the session. Probably it could be easier to check the availability of the MAG members who previously coordinate the narrative themes workgroups and see if they can lead the introductory/conclusory sessions.

2)      About the sub-themes, in case  it will be difficult to find expert speakers I suggest to have a "facilitator subgroup" collecting input and reporting the main points discussed by the subgroup.

3)      After the MAG identifies the subthemes it could be useful to cluster the workshops, DC, BPFs etc. considering the list of identified subthemes. In somehow this work has already been done during the workshops evaluation

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Dear colleagues,

Following upon last week's MAG call, and as requested by the chair, please review the proposed plan for Introductory and Conclusory sessions, below, by Friday, close of business.


If memory serves, Mary U was concerned that the program was too long (Mary, perhaps you'd like to iterate your comments here?).  There were also comments around how to pick the best "featured speakers" for each session.

Your thoughts and comments are warmly welcomed, and we'll be looking for volunteers as well. While I cannot participate in any of the Introductory sessions myself, I remain on hand to help organize in the lead up to the IGF event.

Many thanks,

Susan Elizabeth Chalmers
Internet Policy Specialist
Office of International Affairs
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
schalmers at ntia.gov<mailto:schalmers at ntia.gov>

Please note my new email address:  schalmers at ntia.gov<mailto:schalmers at ntia.gov>

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