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Many thanks to the AI Main Session group for all their work on this. Hopefully my comments and suggestions are not too late to be helpful.

I have added a number of potential speaker names from different stakeholder groups into the document.

I would particularly like to emphasise the value of having an OECD representative as part of the panel. The document already recognizes the OECD’s AI Principles. These intergovernmental policy guidelines were elaborated with multistakeholder input from 50 experts, and have been adopted by 42 countries (including 6 non-OECD members), and also endorsed by the European Commission and the G20. In addition, (and I’ve added details of this to the document), the OECD has created an AI Policy Observatory (https://www.oecd.org/going-digital/ai/about-the-oecd-ai-policy-observatory.pdf) which will “combine resources from across the OECD with those of partners from all stakeholder groups to provide multidisciplinary, evidence-based policy analysis on AI and to facilitate dialogue.” Among the potential speakers, I have therefore added Karine Perset, the OECD official who leads its AI policy initiative.

I have also suggested names of organisations and people from government, business and civil society that Microsoft is aware of as being closely involved in AI policy. Let me know if you also need contact details for any of the proposed speakers.


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Dear colleagues,

Here is the link to the AI Main Session Proposal

We are in process of filling the pool of potential speakers we plan to leave open until the end of this week. Hopefully at the end of next week we could have some concrete names for potential panelists that we can start approaching.

Thanks everyone from our group for their contribution! Maricela volunteered herself to be the raporteur of our Main Session.

I am not sure I will be able to join this evening MAG meeting since I am currrently in the area of no electricity 😊 In case I will not I hope someone from our team could jump in presenting a short summary of our activities.

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