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Hi Sylvia,

of course you can count on me for the security introductory and closing sessions.

Kind regards
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Am 21.08.2019 um 09:38 schrieb Sylvia Cadena <sylvia at apnic.net<mailto:sylvia at apnic.net>>:

I will be happy to help with the coordination of these introductory and closing sessions for the security track, following a final version of the guidelines to be adopted by the MAG.

Hopefully one other MAG member that worked on the narrative will raise their hands to do this with me? Team work is better☺




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Subject: Re: [IGFmaglist] Call for input: Introductory & Conclusory sessions

Apologies, one more thought on this.

In terms of organizing and volunteering to help with the various Introductory and Closing sessions, I think all MAG members should be open to contribute to any of the three themes’ Introductory and Closing sessions.

MAG members were allocated a particular theme to help make the workshop evaluation work, but I don’t think that means MAG members should now be excluded from involvement in other themes. Someone who evaluated workshop proposals for theme A might have a particular interest in theme B or C, and should be able to choose where to help out.

Logistically, that might mean moving away from the three mailing lists set up for the WS evaluation. Or it could mean providing MAG members the opportunity (before work starts on the Intro/Closing sessions) to sign up to one or both of the WS evaluation mailing lists that they weren’t part of.


From: Ben Wallis (CELA) <bewallis at microsoft.com<mailto:bewallis at microsoft.com>>
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Subject: Re: [IGFmaglist] Call for input: Introductory & Conclusory sessions


First, apologies for missing your deadline. And second, I really appreciate your efforts to design these introductory and closing sessions. I think it all serves as a good basis for us to start work organizing the sessions.

Here are a few comments:

- Volunteering
As the MAG member who coordinated the workshop evaluation for the Data Governance theme, I am in principle ready to take on the role of leading the Introductory and Closing sessions, and of coordinating preparation of the sessions (e.g. finding a speaker). However, I would also be happy for others to volunteer and take on the role(s) instead of me or share them with me.
I say “in principle” because I am also responsible for a Main Session and a BPF session, so will wait to see the final IGF 2019 Schedule to check if those two sessions would clash with the Data Governance Introductory and / or Closing sessions and prevent me from doing the latter.

- Organization timeline
The timeline for organizing the Introductory session presumably needs updating from what is in the Googledoc, given that we are already several weeks behind dates that were presumably added to the document last month. I just want to signal that I am away the last week of August and might not be able to lead organization of some of the tasks until early September.

- Consistent reporting
I like the idea to organize the final reporting of the Closing sessions into four areas of economic, social/cultural, technical and governance – I think this helps to provide a consistent way to organize reporting across the three themes.

- Timing of reporting
I wonder about reporting requirements and deadlines for the Introductory and Closing sessions. Particularly, could we have longer than 24 hours to do any reporting following the Closing sessions?

“Organisers of IGF workshops and other sessions will be requested to provide a short report with the main take-aways of their sessions, immediately following the conclusion of their session”. I think the deadline last year was within 24 hours of the session.

Should these Introductory and Closing sessions also be expected to produce short reports within 24 hours? I guess my main concern here was that the summary of the Closing sessions might be a bit more complicated given the need to incorporate so many summaries from other sessions and work out how to allocate them, to the economic, social/cultural, technical and governance categories.

- Sub-themes and sub-groups

Re Titti’s comment below and the plan to break out into sub-thematic discussion groups during the Introductory sessions – I guess when I read that, I assumed that the break-out groups would self-identify a rapporteur/note-taker/discussion group lead at the start of their discussion, with each discussion group lead then responsible for reporting back when the meeting goes back to a single discussion. That would be a more informal, dynamic way of organizing things. However, it might be more efficient to identify the sub-theme discussion group leads in advance. Maybe these could be MAG members.


From: CASSA Concettina <cassa at agid.gov.it<mailto:cassa at agid.gov.it>>
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Subject: [IGFmaglist] R: Call for input: Introductory & Conclusory sessions

Dear Susan,
Thanks for the great job you are doing!
I think both introductory and conclusive sessions are very well organized.
I have few thoughts to share.
1)      About the MAG member explaining the narrative session and the MAG member who leads/ moderate the session. Probably it could be easier to check the availability of the MAG members who previously coordinate the narrative themes workgroups and see if they can lead the introductory/conclusory sessions.
2)      About the sub-themes, in case  it will be difficult to find expert speakers I suggest to have a “facilitator subgroup” collecting input and reporting the main points discussed by the subgroup.
3)      After the MAG identifies the subthemes it could be useful to cluster the workshops, DC, BPFs etc. considering the list of identified subthemes. In somehow this work has already been done during the workshops evaluation

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Dear colleagues,

Following upon last week’s MAG call, and as requested by the chair, please review the proposed plan for Introductory and Conclusory sessions, below, by Friday, close of business.


If memory serves, Mary U was concerned that the program was too long (Mary, perhaps you’d like to iterate your comments here?).  There were also comments around how to pick the best “featured speakers” for each session.

Your thoughts and comments are warmly welcomed, and we’ll be looking for volunteers as well. While I cannot participate in any of the Introductory sessions myself, I remain on hand to help organize in the lead up to the IGF event.

Many thanks,

Susan Elizabeth Chalmers
Internet Policy Specialist
Office of International Affairs
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
schalmers at ntia.gov<mailto:schalmers at ntia.gov>

Please note my new email address:  schalmers at ntia.gov<mailto:schalmers at ntia.gov>

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