[Wg-mwp] WG on IGF multi-year strategic work programme

Lynn St.Amour st.amour at bluewin.ch
Sun Aug 27 13:37:47 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

it has been a fairly busy time for many as we have all worked to complete key components of the IGF 2017 schedule. It seems now though that it would be a good time to move ahead with the WG on IGF multi-year strategic work program.

The charter approved by the MAG is here: https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/index.php?q=filedepot_download/4919/650

For ease, the key sections are immediately below:


It has been stated by many, that more could be done to strengthen the IGF and place it on a more robust footing for its second decade. This was commented on in the CSTD WG on Improvements for the IGF, in many past IGFs and MAG meetings, as well as in the IGF 2016 Retreat Proceedings where:

“It was noted that more could be done to take a strategic, long-term view of the role and activities of the IGF, such as through a predictable multi-year programme of work. Even if not undertaken generally, it might be possible to reinvigorate the IGF by taking a longer-term view of particular issues, dedicating time and resources to progressing discussions and achieving concrete outcomes on these over time. A longer time horizon such as this could help to bring in new collaborators, including international agencies, and new funders. “


This WG will work with the full MAG and the IGF community to deliver such a “Living Programme”. The first “Living Programme” to be approved no later than the IGF 2017 in order to support planning for IGF 2018.

Expected Output:

A “Living Programme” built with the IGF community extending out 2 – 3 years (min.) covering expected major areas of work for the IGF as well as for all intersessional activities, and including support requirements/expectations. The WG will engage broadly with the IGF community as this plan needs to reflect the needs and desires of that community. Flexibility to be built into the multi-year programme in order to support topical issues/new ideas. All intersessional activities, as well as the NRIs will be a part of building this programme in order to ensure all our efforts are maximized and integrated as appropriate and respecting our different roles.


I would like to collect your thoughts on what major areas of work the IGF should cover the next few years, including intersessional activities.  We can start on email (in fact should probably rely quite heavily on email), and I will set up a doodle poll for our first call.   The times reflect what I understand to be the most appropriate times from the analysis supporting our MAG Virtual calls.



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