[Wg-mwp] Suggestion on IGF major intersessional policy program

Flávio Rech Wagner flavio at inf.ufrgs.br
Sun Dec 3 17:17:53 EST 2017

Dear colleagues of the WG-MWP

Following our meeting from last Wednesday, please find below a proposal 
of a contribution our WG could extend to the MAG regarding the major 
intersessional policy program.

The MAG launched in 2015 a major intersessional policy program 
addressing the theme "Connecting the Next Billion", as a 
community-driven process that is facilitated a MAG member, with support 
from the IGF Secretariat. In 2016 and 2017, the program has been 
extended and continued as "Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s)". 
It is up to the MAG to decide on the continuation of this program.

In the first meeting of our WG, while reviewing our charter, following 
opportunities (among others) have been identified as part of the 
contributions our WG could address:

/d.//Early identification of key themes could be useful also for the 
selection of new major policy questions to be addressed by dedicated 
working groups during the intersessional work, supporting increased 
collaboration inside and outside of the IGF ecosystem, such as the 
Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion(s) (CENB)//

/k.//In support of several points above, //the MAG could identify 
relevant societal (social, economic, ..) themes that are not yet 
adequately addressed by the IGF, which would increase the IGF’s 
relevance and usefulness for other communities and entities, which could 
become new IGF partners./

 From the above considerations, our WG could propose to the MAG two 
possible lines of action:

1) Extend the CENB for one or more years, considering that there are 
very relevant and timely issues still to be addressed in this regard 
under the umbrella of the IGF. This extension should be done, of course, 
in close consultation with the team that is responsible for this effort.

2) Choose another relevant, broad policy issue for the intersessional 
policy program. This new major policy work could be used also to 
increase IGF's relevance and usefulness for other communities that are 
not well represented at the IGF.

Please notice that points 1 and 2 above are not mutually exclusive. The 
MAG could choose to continue the CENB effort, but in parallel launch a 
new major policy program.

Our WG could identify broad themes to be addressed as a new major 
intersessional policy program and offer these themes as suggestions to 
the MAG. If you think this is an appropriate contribution from our WG, 
we could start collecting initial ideas regarding potential themes.

I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Best regards


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