[Wg-mwp] Proposed Poll for IGF 2017

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Lynn, all,

Thank you again for an excellent discussion yesterday.

For the record I would like to reiterate that in my opinion we only get one chance at reaching out to people in the heat of the moment: that is next week. All other options are more than suboptimal, as participation in all intersessional work proves it to be. What we are working on to change.

Having said that, yes, it is of course important to reach those who are not present at the IGF (and do not participate remotely) and invite them to join in and share their views.

So, if the EBU offers this WG the opportunity to make this happen, let's embrace it and make it possible for the MAG to decide asap, if it needs to do so. We could also see this as our poll, in search of input for our final recommendations to the new MAG.

Where the questions are concerned, I have already given one suggestion yesterday. A second one would be: Do you feel that the main issues of your stakeholder group are fully discussed at the IGF? y/n or something like it. In search of improvement suggestions.

On the last two questions on gender/age, perhaps country also. Will we use these answers in any way and are they relevant to the questionnaire? Just asking.



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Dear WG members,

please find below the latest draft of the poll proposed by one of our WG members - Giacomo Mazzone.   It is being tabled for discussion on our call later today.

Giacomo and his expert colleagues in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have put this together and they will support the analysis once the poll is complete.   I would like to thank Giacomo and his colleagues for their expert support.   The question before this WG is whether or not this is ready to go to the MAG for their review and to seek support for launching at this IGF.

This is a stretch goal as obviously time is tight, though this was discussed several months ago on one of our very first calls.

As the poll is really quite straight-forward, I am hoping we can all take a few minutes to review it carefully and offer any suggestions for improvement.

Thanks in advance for all your efforts.


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