[Wg-mwp] IMPORTANT for MAG Review: Proposed Poll to be launched during IGF

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Dear Lynn,
I suggest to clarify in Q5 that by IGF Meetings the (global/UN) IGF meetings are meant (not for example the Arab IGF or other meetings which are IGF meetings), unless all can be counted.And can we add Inclusion and Digital rights for people with specific needs among the priorities.
Still I support launching at IGF Geneva.
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Dear colleagues, 

Please find below a proposed poll that the WG: Multi-year Strategic Work Plan believes would be valuable to launch during the upcoming IGF.   This is the work product of the WG: Multi-year Strategic Work Plan. It was considerably improved by poll experts from the European Broadcasting Union who donated their time following a request for expert review.  Everyone has worked hard to ensure an unbiased poll.  The purpose is to get input on the timely questions the IGF community — and hopefully well beyond the IGF community — believes should be addressed in the IGF.

I would like to encourage those MAG members who were part of this WG to add any additional reflections.   While this poll was suggested some months ago, like many things it has only come together very recently and certainly the pace has not been ideal.

The WG is sending this to the MAG for review, and hopefully support to launch during the Geneva IGF.

>From my perspective as a longstanding IGF participant (and NOT as Chair), I think this poll could be very helpful, and I believe it is a good start.  We can always improve - but let’s not make perfection the enemy of the good.     Time is of the essence and so please could you signal your position ASAP:

Support Launching at IGF Geneva _____

- DO NOT support launching at IGF Geneva  (pleas give an indication of your rationale or concern)._____

Also, please note this is a poll, it is not a vote.   It should inform MAG deliberations. The results will be sent to the MAG and published online for full community review.

Thanks in advance for your quick review.  There are a few implementation comments still inserted in the attached document, and the best approach this will be determined by the IGF Secretariat.

I appreciate the busy time we are all in but it would be very helpful to have your inputs by Saturday COB CET.

Best and thank you,


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