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Dear all,

Following up on our excellent discussion just now I would like to share some initial ideas to contemplate as potential ways forward and to find engagement from (now absent) stakeholders. They are presented pointwise only and can be elaborated upon when taken up as relevant suggestions.

1) Find solutions and ways forward for complex issues concerning Internet Governance involving several stakeholder groups within the context of the IGF;
2) Compile current best practices from around the globe and translate them into guides for the world to learn from on selected topics;
3) Bring stakeholders together around a specific topic, aimed at formulating potential solutions and find support for implementation of said within multiple stakeholder groups;
4) To involve absent stakeholders by:

  *   find and address the topics that entice them to join;
  *   formulate invitations to join in a personalised way;
  *   an active invitation policy through present stakeholders.
5) Let stakeholders decide on what the best format for their respective challenge is, whether a BPF, Working or Expert Parties/Groups, brainstorm sessions, mailing lists, ??? as they see fit;
6) Decide whether there is room within the IGF for spontaneous action between stakeholders or that all needs to go through the MAG first;
7) Establish whether IGF funding issues change when the "right" topics are addressed so that the secretariat can supply support functions to all groups: What topic or call for action would make you support the IGF financially?
8) If there are several, different initiatives around the globe, within different organisations, around the same topic, could the IGF have a liaising role between these organisations or better, assume a coordinative role and bring them together?
9) Please follow up with your ideas.

In my opinion there is a need to not only discuss the topic of strategic mulityear workplan from a theoretical point of view. Those not engaged now, will not engage from theory. There has to be an element of "yes, you will get to work on ways forward, on solutions, etc." Only through the practical, aloof or absent stakeholders may be enticed to deliver input. From the moment it helps them find solutions to their respective issues.

Looking forward to hear your ideas.


Wout de Natris

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