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Flávio Rech Wagner flavio at inf.ufrgs.br
Mon Oct 16 12:35:15 EDT 2017

Dear Lynn and colleagues

The IGF Programme document is very comprehensive and, in my view, fairly 
complete and consistent with current practices.

My only comment regards the reference to the CENB. The document 
describes components of the programme. As such, it correctly identifies 
"BPF _sessions_" and "DC _sessions_", for instance (titles used in the 
leftmost column of the document). This standard, however, has not been 
followed in the case of the CENB activity. The leftmost column should 
indicate "CENB _session_" (or similar title), while the second column 
should describe the session, not the intersessional work itself. Notice 
that, in the case of BPFs and DCs, this second column does not describe 
the intersessional work corresponding to BPFs and DCs, but the sessions 
where BPFs and DCs are presented.

Maybe we could extend the document, including a second part presenting 
the components of the intersessional work (BPFs, DCs and CENB, for the 
moment), and then build links between components of the programme and 
components of the intersessional work.



> Dear WG members,
> just a reminder to please review the IGF Programme document to ensure 
> this represents current practice.  We will then use this document as a 
> baseline for any suggested improvements.
> The deadline for review is Monday October 16th.  We will consolidate 
> all comments received on Tuesday for review at our meeting on Thursday.
> Best,
> Lynn
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>> Dear WG members,
>> per our discussion on the WG call, please review the attached table 
>> for completeness/accuracy as this will serve as a base for the next 
>> step of our work.  The google doc. can be found at: 
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NfBFJI_B1AfiOjDXR-7snsP8BCe2yhSbSy91SgCYdB4/edit
>> …..and the word document is below.
>> *We would like your comments by Monday October 16th in advance of our 
>> next meeting.*
>> *
>> *
>> *Our next call is scheduled for :  - Oct. 19    1300 - 1400 UTC*
>> *
>> *
>> Best and thanks in advance,
>> Lynn
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>>> Dear All,
>>> Included herein for your review/reference is an *'IGF Annual 
>>> Programme Overview'* which will be addressed in today's working 
>>> group meeting. The files are available *here as a Google doc* 
>>> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NfBFJI_B1AfiOjDXR-7snsP8BCe2yhSbSy91SgCYdB4/edit?usp=sharing>or 
>>> in *MS Word (attached)*.
>>> If there are any issues accessing or opening the document, please 
>>> let us know!
>>> Best regards,
>>> Eleonora
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