[Wg-mwp] ISOC [was: ICANN] feasibility study recommends new initiative to partner with the IGF on outcomes

Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Fri Oct 27 17:17:51 EDT 2017

Sorry, it's 1:17am in Abu Dhabi and I'm jetlagged and I have ICANN on
the brain right now.

Please assume I wrote ISOC below wherever I wrote ICANN. ;-)

On 28/10/17 12:52 am, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> Some of you may not have seen the attached feasibility study proposing a
> new ICANN-supported multi-stakeholder initiative. I was one of those
> interviewed. The whole report is worth reading but these passages in
> particular indicate why it is so pertinent to us, given our recent
> discussions:
> "There is universal support for undertaking an initiative dedicated to
> expanding and enhancing the use of multistakeholder processes to solve
> problems and develop norms.  ... We think the initiative can develop a
> win-win relationship with the IGF in that issues that perhaps emerge
> initially within the IGF might be referred to the initiative for a more
> formal convening where there is a strong desire among stakeholders to
> continue work on a matter on a more frequent and intensive schedule than
> the IGF currently provides.  By offering a follow-up forum outside of
> the UN structure, the institute could also strengthen and sustain
> stakeholder support for the IGF."
> Since we already have plans for a drafting committee to develop an
> option paper of our own, it will have to take account of this new ICANN
> initiative.  I suggest the best way to do that would be to invite one of
> its representatives to participate on that committee. I have already
> also obtained interest from the Stanford CDD group to join.
> A question though, are we still awaiting the notes of the last meeting
> before finalizing the terms of reference?  I understand there were some
> revisions proposed.
> Thanks.

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