[Wg-mwp] On engaging MAG, IGF community, Intersessional activities, and NRIs

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Sun Aug 12 19:04:57 EDT 2018


Please receive this note on Agenda Topic 3. Together with Lynn, I wish to
facilitate a discussion on the way forward at our next meeting.

Agenda Topic 3 in context:

The WG-MWP charter says:   “... more could be done to take a strategic,
long-term view of the role and activities of the IGF...to reinvigorate the
IGF by taking a longer-term view of particular issues ... achieving
concrete outcomes on these over time.  A longer time horizon ...could help
to bring in new collaborators, including international agencies, and new
funders. “

In this context, the Working Group will examine the importance of engaging
MAG, IGF community, BPFs, DCs and NRIs in the development of a multi-year
strategic work programme

On engaging MAG, IGF community and NRIs:

*MAG: *As stated, the Objectives/Goals of the WG are to "work with the full
MAG and the IGF community to deliver a “Living Programme” and/or a Roadmap
for strategic improvements." This task requires insights, responses and
action from the MAG. It would be easier if the MAG is even more involved in
the work of the Working Group. The MAG could pay closer attention to the
multi-year work plan, especially on topics that require responses and
actions from the MAG.

*NRIs:* NRIs may require better funding and other forms of increased
support. It requires at least one leader from any of the NRI initiatives to
be engaged in this work.

*BPFs and DCs: * The BPFs and DCs may wish to share proceedings and
outcomes industry-wide, globally. For instance the BPF on IXPs may wish to
take the summary of its deliberations to all IXPs to strive to promote the
Best Practices far more widely, perhaps even reducing a minimal common set
of the Best Practices as Global IXP Standards. For this to happen, the WG
would find it helpful to have representation from the DCs and BPFs; at
least one BPF leader and DC leader may be engaged in the work of the
Working Group.

The WG could also have one meeting every year with BPFs, one with DCs, one
with NRIs with respective focus.

*IGF Community:  *With Community engagement in planning, various
improvements could be discussed, such as making better use of IGF Community
presence in global Internet events, outreach by News media, new media and
through institutions such as TED. Community engagement in the form of
interactive Roundtable sessions during IGF and other events and through
webinars could help the MWP in improving the overall design of the IGF. By
engagement in the multi-year work program, the community could directly
work on IGF's continued Openness, fairness, transparency and stakeholder

The Charter talks about a "predictable" time frame and also mentions "a
longer time horizon". If we take 3 years as the "predictable" time frame,
and 7 years or more as the longer time horizon, the WG could work on a
relatively detailed plan for 3 years in the direction of a vision for the
evolution ahead.

The way forward for the Working Group with improved engagement:

If it be the wish of the MAG, NRIs, BPFs and DCs and the broader Community
to strive for more balanced stakeholder participation in the IGF, to strive
for Higher level participation, for a well funded global and regional IGFs,
to  inter-link the NRIs with one another and integrate the work of the NRIs
more closely with that of the global IGF, to raise the overall stature of
the IGF and to strive for the global Internet Policy developed with
reference to the IGF thinking, for the global Internet policy to revolve
around IGF outputs and (perhaps even recommendations), and if all of us
desire results in terms of preserving the openness and the global nature of
the Internet, it will require actions from the MAG such as an amplified
call for contributions from Governments, business and "new funders".  With
improved engagement, the WG could get to such tasks.

Thank you.

Sivasubramanian M

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