[Wg-mwp] WG-MWP - DRAFT Meeting summary for review - May 25th, 2018

Danko Jevtović danko at jevtovic.rs
Thu Jun 14 12:17:01 EDT 2018

Yes, thanks, that's only one of the reasons why I "dislike" it. :)

Anyway it turns out that there is the list of IGF WebEx meetings at https://intgovforum.webex.com/mc3300/meetingcenter/webcom/calendar.do?siteurl=intgovforum


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You need to register first.




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Please send me the link to join the meeting. I am starting to dislike WebEx. 


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Subject: [Wg-mwp] WG-MWP - DRAFT Meeting summary for review - May 25th, 2018

Dear colleagues,

please find attached the DRAFT meeting summary from our first meeting. 
Please send any comments/edits to the list and they will be incorporated 
before posting to the website.    Please note the documents attached to this 
email are part of this report, and will be posted on the website as a part of the meeting summary.

Our next meeting is scheduled for : June 14th, 2018 from 1600 - 1700 UTC.

Agenda and webex registration details to follow.


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