[Wg-mwp] WG-MWP: 2018 WG Status Report: (was: Webex meeting invitation & Draft Agenda - October 30th, 2018 1500 -1600 UTC)

Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at malcolm.id.au
Tue Nov 6 01:06:05 EST 2018

On 11/5/18 4:02 PM, Lynn St.Amour wrote:

> Hope this report meets with your approval.  if we can get agreement in time we can report it as such on the MAG call this week, but I appreciate that may be difficult, in which case we will report it as a work in process.
> Note: need final copies of the reports ‘Strengthened cooperation within the context of the IGF 2019’ and “Methodologies for the Development of Written IGF Outputs” to include as an Annex and/or links.  Want to make sure I have the latest versions.

I will be at a meeting in Washington at the same time as the MAG call so
I won't be able to make it, but thank you for the work on the paper. The
"Methodologies..." annex hasn't changed and is attached.

You may have read about Tim Berners-Lee's "Contract for the Web" that
has been gaining some support:
It seems to me that this is one of the sorts of initiatives that the IGF
was envisioned to become a home for, and it's disappointing that year
after year the IGF loses relevance due to its inability to pull
something like that off. I'm hoping (but not hopeful) that the new MAG
will be able to clear this logjam.

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