[Wg-mwp] WG-MWP: Webex meeting invitation & Draft Agenda - October 30th, 2018 1500 -1600 UTC

Julián Casasbuenas G julian at colnodo.apc.org
Tue Nov 6 10:28:21 EST 2018

Dear all,

In the last agenda meeting it was proposed to "4 -  Update on
WG-Improvements (WG-IMP) as their work relates to this WG".
Unfortunately, as I understand, it was not possible to present this
update during the meeting. So far the WG-IMP made the assessments on
various proposals for improvement to the IGF that can bring inputs for
the incoming MAG and the continuation of the WG-MWP and WG-IMP WGs ,
perhaps recommending a merge for 2019. This can be added to  the 2018
status report in the "Recommendations from this WG for discussions with
the outgoing and incoming MAG".

So far we made advances from the WG-IMP in the following assessments of
the following categories:








Stakeholder (Engagement, Understanding)





Funding (Diversity and Funding) - Acknowledge in-kind support - Account
& Transparency


Almost Completed. Account & Transparency need to be assessed, UNDESA can
provide information for the assessment.



Intersessional work (Capacity Building, Multiyear Planning, Outcomes,
Stakeholder engagement)


Almost Completed. Three proposals for improvement pending to assess.



Outcomes (Link to other entities) - Tangible Outputs


Almost Completed. One proposal for improvement pending to assess.



Participation & Capacity Building


Almost Completed. Two proposals for improvement pending to assess.  



Broader Participation - Diversity - Relevance & inclusiveness of IGF
mtg- Program and Outreach


Almost Completed. Four proposals for improvement pending to assess.



Multiyear Planning (Funding, Link with other entities) - Evolution and



We believe as WG-IMP  that this is an initial assessment to a very good
number of recommendations for improvement to the IGF and now it is time
to open the exercise to the community and not only to the MAG, noting
that this is a partial view from the WG-IMP volunteers.

Looking forward for your comments,


El 29/10/18 a las 10:00 a. m., Lynn St.Amour escribió:
> Dear WG members,
> please find below the log-in details for our next call - no registration required.
> Please see below the draft agenda - all comments/suggestions welcome.
> Siva, is there anything you would like to add to the agenda?
> Best,
> Lynn
> -----------------
> 1 - Intro/Logistics/Admin 
> 2 - Status of the following proposals: 
> a)  “IGF Programme Framework”  
> b)  Option Paper on Methodologies for the Development of Written IGF Outputs
> c)  Strengthening Cooperation within the Context of the IGF: A Roadmap for 2018
> 3 -  Review status of concrete proposal for the development of a multi-year strategic work programme
> 4 -  Update on WG-Improvements (WG-IMP) as their work relates to this WG
> 5 - Next steps/future agenda items
> 6 - AOB
> -----------------------------------------
> WG-MWP 2018
> Tuesday, October 30, 2018
> 3:00 pm  |  Greenwich Time (Reykjavik, GMT)  |  1 hr
> Meeting number (access code): 841 545 027
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> Join by phone
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