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Dear Lynn

Please share the link to the current version of the Status Report document,
if different from
as I still see this as a document being edited.

Sivasubramanian M <https://www.facebook.com/sivasubramanian.muthusamy>

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 12:38 AM Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at malcolm.id.au> wrote:

> On 11/6/18 10:49 AM, GONZALO LOPEZ-BARAJAS HUDER wrote:
> > 2- Regarding reference to Synmind in the last section of the paper
> Recommendations from this WG, the wording seems also in need of
> clarification. Despite the contact with Synmind was made with only a few of
> the members of the WG, it seems not clear that some members did not support
> this course of action. I would recommend the following:
> >
> > " Some of the WG members proposed for the MAG to explore the possibility
> of using a professionally facilitated process in 2019 and and discussed
> with Synmind an offer to provide an online/offline facilitated process for
> the IGF community. The WG did not agree on this proposal."
> I am not comfortable with this edit since at this point it is not our
> place to agree or disagree with it, but simply to put it before the new
> MAG.
> > Finally, not specific to the Status Report, regarding Wout's comments I
> fully agree in not converting the IGF into a some sort of negotiation or
> pseudo treaty body.
> >
> > But it is my view that words point to one direction and actions into
> some other. The minute we start talking about deliberative polls, sensing
> the temperature for consensus building and alike processes this certainly
> points to voting. And when there is voting, there are always text
> negotiations.
> I can assure you that this assumption is simply not true, though. During
> my PhD studies I spent three years looking into deliberative democratic
> methodologies that do not require text negotiations or voting, yet can
> still deliver outputs. Several of these are mentioned in the Annex, and
> I would be happy to provide you with some further reading.
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