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FYI, as it is important to the work of this WG.


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> From: "Lynn St.Amour" <Lynn at Internet-Matters.org>
> Subject: Fwd: EC HLIG meeting report
> Date: October 11, 2018 at 9:27:34 AM EDT
> To: IGF Maglist <Igfmaglist at intgovforum.org>
> Dear MAG colleagues,
> following on from our discussion at yesterdays MAG meeting, Titti kindly wrote up an informal report in order to help our preparations ahead of IGF 2018 as well as to aid our deliberations on needed improvements.   The official summary will be out in 3 - 4 weeks, and we will ensure this is sent to the MAG as well.  Titti has given me permission to share this note.
> Other MAG members were present at the HLIG as well so please do send in any additional comments.
> I am also forwarding this note to the NRIs as there are some very helpful observations.
> Finally, would the leaders of the other Intersessional activities, please forward this through those networks as well.
> Many thanks and best regards,
> Lynn
> Lynn St.Amour
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>> From: CASSA Concettina <cassa at agid.gov.it>
>> Subject: R: EC HLIG meeting report
>> Date: October 11, 2018 at 8:17:37 AM EDT
>> To: Lynn St.Amour <Lynn at Internet-Matters.org>
>> Hi Lynn,
>> please find following a short update about the discussion we had yesterday, during the HLIG meeting led by the European Commission.
>> There was a general concern about the fact that a lot of effort is needed to organize the IGF and not much is returned back in terms of tangible outputs. Some member states and businesses representatives agreed on the opportunity to improve IGF in order to address more the multi-stakeholder community and to have more impact in the shaping of digital policies. Only one representative from Civil society said that she preferred IGF to remain as it is (only debate platform). Since the times have changed and digital policies have a much greater impact, the IGF mandate probably should be updated in order to consider new evolutions.
>> Following are the main suggestions that came out during the meeting:
>> 1)      Improve/Change the IGF mandate in order to have more outputs, recommendations and guidelines that could be useful for the governments and multi-stakeholder community.
>> 2)      Try to have a greater involvement of the multi-stakeholder community in IGF processes and in a more balanced way. More involvement of Governments and Businesses is needed.
>> 3)      Use in a more effective way NRIs networks and MAG members to involve Governments and Businesses stakeholders in IGF processes.
>> 4)      Use NRIs to build a map of main actors involved in the definition of digital policies at national and regional level. Increase the communication between IGF Secretariat and Governments.
>> 5)      Increase cooperation between IGF and other international institutions that are dealing with Internet Governance issues and digital policies.
>> 6)      Use and improve Geneva messages.
>> 7)      Explain better to the community the meaning of Internet Governance and eventually discuss inside IGF community the opportunity to change the name of IGF as many people don’t know what IGF means.
>> 8)      Activate more educational sessions in order to let people to understand better the meaning of IG. This could push a broader participation of multi-stakeholder community.
>> 9)      Create continuity between the IGF’s annual events.
>> 10)   Involve a broader participation of Youth.
>> 11)   Strengthening the IGF secretariat and give to it also a communication role. Improving the website is not enough to improve communication between IGF and multi-stakeholder community .
>> 12)   Opportunity to give to the MAG members more continuity in the mandate.
>> 13)   Change the nature of IGF project in order to have more stable funds by UN.
>> I hope it helps.
>> Best,
>> Titti
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