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Dear Working Group colleagues,

In the attached paper I present several suggestions to be made to the MAG and decisions MAG members need to make fairly soon, based on our work in the past months.

The report ‘Strengthening Cooperation within the context of the IGF: a roadmap for 2018’ has been on the agenda of our WG for most of this year. The report was the result of a consultation process through a cross section of IGF participants from all stakeholder groups. The goal of the report was to present options and prerequisites if future IGF cycles are to present tangible outcomes in some form. A goal that, as a reminder, carried broad support.

Over the past months we have discussed the option of piloting new approaches to and forms of intersessional work. The underlying paper is to present to the MAG the options it has for pilots, but also the decisions concerning pilots to be made. This includes a time table, allowing for pilots to start early in 2019, so allowing for ample time, culminating in sessions at the IGF in Berlin, November 2019 and tangible outcomes of some form.

As Lynn write recently:
“this pilot would have the global IGF community identify and substantially help advance an international public policy issue.  This activity is hoped to culminate in a tangible output at IGF 2019, and benefit from the result of the first pilot above.  This pilot was triggered by the ‘Strengthening Cooperation within the Context of the IGF: A Roadmap for 2018’ paper.

The next step is for the WG to support advancing these two pilots, in particular Phase 1: “Methodologies for the Development of Written IGF Outputs”, with a goal to having made a substantive step forward by IGF 2018, in order that we can pull the learnings/experiences gained into IGF 2019 preparations.”

You are asked to reflect on this paper in our next call, so that, after your suggestions have been addressed, the paper can be presented to the MAG later this month. As such this paper is one of our tangible outcomes.

Looking forward to hear your comments.

Kind regards,

Wout de Natris

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