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Wed Aug 24 05:53:59 EDT 2016

Dear Segun,
Thank you very much for sending us this important update.
As you all probably saw, the proposed MAG Virtual Meeting Calendar has 
just been sent to the MAG list.
It is proposed for the next MAG meeting to be on Tuesday, next week at 
14:00 pm UTC.
As you have indicated that you would like the Group to have a meeting 
before the next MAG Virtual Meeting, kindly advise on the proposed dates, 
so I can schedule a doodle poll and send it to the list. I assume our 
options are: tomorrow, Friday and Monday.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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Date:   24/08/2016 10:24

Dear All,

I'll glad that we are continue the work of WGCO after the MAG virtual 
meeting. Unfortunately, the report of the WGCO meeting could not be 
considered due to time constraints during the meeting. The reporting has 
been rescheduled for the next MAG virtual meeting.

Furthermore, In the post-IGF report analysis, greater emphasis are made on 
the improvement of communications for better outreach to the community and 
better dissemination of IGF documentation and information. In the report 
there was general agreement that increased outreach was an overall need, 
including additional community engagement and solicitation of community 
inputs, and better-quality outreach and documentation of the IGF could 
also lead to more high- level/political interest in its processes and the 
annual meeting. 

WGCO members should remember we made some clarifications on the goal of 
outreach to inter-governmental and policy makers. It was agreed such 
outreach should normally fall under a formal shared messaging with input 
from Secretariat and MAG.

Fortunately we've been working on these concerns before the retreat. It is 
time we make effort towards achieving the provisions our shared ToR. 

In this regards, we need to move forward to deliberate on some key issues 
such as the following;
Kickstarting the work of the co-facilitators of workstreams  
Consider an outreach evaluation approach submission made by Mariana for 
members' input 
Clues from IGF retreat areas of concern on Comm & Outreach 
Workstream assignments on Upcoming Events/IGF website Improvement/ 
developing Outreach messages for stakeholder communities       
I want to request to Anja to set up a virtual meeting of the group before 
the next MAG online meeting. Also doodle poll should be set up to allow us 
agree on common date for the meeting. Please it is very important.

Meanwhile, I have attached Anja's Submission, WGCO report, WGCO Analysis 
of IGF Retreat, the shared ToR for our reminder and update.

Best Regards.

Segun Olugbile

President, Global Network for Cybersolution - GNC  (www.gncafrica.org)
Member, National Cybercrime Advisory Council, Presidency (www.cert.gov.ng)
Member, Nigeria IGF Multi Stakeholders Advisory Group (www.nigf.org.ng)
Technical Advisor to ECOWAS on West Africa IGF (www.waigf.org)
Member, African Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Group  (www.afigf.org)
Member, Global IGF Multi-stakeholders Advisory Group to UN Sec. Gen. (
Fellow, European School of Internet Governance (www.eurossig.eu)
Member, African Information & Communication Technhology Alliance (
Managing Partner, Continental Project Affairs Associates (www.cpaa.com.ng)

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