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Ginger, as this is a very new WG, perhaps instead we can encourage individual comments, and then later ask the WG to consider. 
I support the need to have the issues that you raise, but taking time to generate consensus, when this is a very new WG, might be a delay, given the July 1 deadline.
Just a thought. for instance. anyone who submits could then resubmit to this WG, for further discussion but not miss deadline for comment.
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Thanks, Segun, I'm ready to move forward on this. 
1. I think non-MAG members are normally allowed/invited to join WG, and that this is important for transparency and inclusion of a wider community.
2. I am thinking of personally submitting input to the upcoming retreat, about the need for greater inclusion and outreach for my constant concerns of online participation, youth and persons with disabilities. What do people here think about the WG submitting input to the retreat? Is it too short a time frame to discuss?
Thanks! Ginger

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On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 7:55 AM, Olusegun H. Olugbile <solugbile at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Everyone,
Thanks for joining the WG. I believe together we can make best use of our collective potentials to move this WG forward such that will impact IGF 2016 positively.
I think it is important we start discussion and agree on the following items (PLEASE BE FREE TO ADD MORE);       i.         Terms of reference for the WG.     ii.         Inclusion of non-MAG members to the group   iii.         Development of work plan, identify and prioritize work areas, and then assign roles within timeline.I want to suggest we have a virtual meeting of the group before the end of  next week  or at least before the next MAG meeting to discuss these items on the list. 
If we all agree, I'll send Doodle poll to set the most popular date.
Please note, the objectives and scope of work of the WG may be further expanded based on the contributions and comments made by the MAG members during the last virtual meeting. But to be focused and dynamic.
Please let's have your contributions.
I've reattached the approved document again for your consideration.
Best Regards
Segun O. 
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