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Olusegun H. Olugbile solugbile at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 03:29:59 EDT 2016

Dear Renata,

Thanks for the suggestions you put forward for discussions. These will be
part of our consideration in the next meeting of the group. Some of you
with ICANN experience can the lead in the newcommers outreach and
orientation plan program for IGF 2016.

Looking forward to the meeting of the group

Best Regards.

Segun Olugbile

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Today's Topics:

   1. IG events calendars for outreach (Renata Aquino Ribeiro)
   2. Re: IGF WGCO: Next Meeting and Newcomers Track
      (Renata Aquino Ribeiro)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:02:21 -0300
From: Renata Aquino Ribeiro <raquino at gmail.com>
To: wgco at intgovforum.org
Subject: [Wgco] IG events calendars for outreach
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In one of this WG previous meetings we discussed about referring to IG
events calendar to outreach for IGF.
Now that newcomer track and innovative sessions are getting shape, it
would be important to create liasons with these other events.
However, there is not 1 calendar to bring them all together but
specific listings which can help and inspire these contacts
I am sending a few below.
Please if you think you can contribute to this list, just reply to the

ICANN At-Large Outreach Calendar

Diplo Upcoming Events


Internet Society Events Calendar




Message: 2
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:15:45 -0300
From: Renata Aquino Ribeiro <raquino at gmail.com>
To: Wisdom Donkor <wisdom.dk at gmail.com>
Cc: Anja GENGO <AGENGO at unog.ch>, Ginger Paque
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Subject: Re: [Wgco] IGF WGCO: Next Meeting and Newcomers Track
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Hi Anja, Wisdom, Segun and everyone

It is great to start seeing the newcomer session work and outreach WG
to become integrated.

This feedback will go along the lines of helping draft an outreach
plan and give a few ideas to the sessions described. I agree with
Wisdom that there is great inspiration from other outreach efforts
such as ICANN Fellowship Program and I am now an Internet Freedom
Festival Fellow where we are devising an outreach plan too.

So a few important items

**** Outreach plan *****

1) Email template
We can draft an email template to invite folks to participate in
IGF2016 and MAG members can share them in their networks, discussion
lists, etc.
This email template will mention novelties this year such as the
innovative formats sessions and the newcomer track and indicate a
general email folks can write to learn more - igf at unog.ch ?

2) Newcomer track invite as a picture
It would be interesting for us to have a newcomer track invite as
picture w/ all relevant info.
This can linked to a post in the IGF Latest News section and also
enter on the carroussel on the webpage

3) posters/banners indicating newcomer track activities
A physical banner/poster near the entrance of IGF2016 could inform
about newcomer track activities and others could be used to signal
also where there is a booth w/ such activities etc.
If it is not possible to print such a sign, we can devise an
infographic to share on networks

4) Spreadsheet or public list of newcomer track activities w/ signup form
It would be important to have a collaborative doc where there is a
list of newcomer track activities
Also a signup form to gather names and emails of newcomers willing to
participate in these activiies would be important
This could be also an informal physical signup sheet at the time of the
Another option would be to add a checkbox on the registration booth
process to people who want to self-identify as newcomer and/or be
interested in the activities

Well, I hope these are good ideas to start and it would be great to
continue this conversation



On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Wisdom Donkor <wisdom.dk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Anja,
> This is excellent.
> Looking from within ICANN and what have been achieve with the fellowship
> program is worth emulating, e.g ICANN Morning fellowship session, ICANN
> newcomer Day sessions and ICANN Information booth where Alumni Signed-up
> booth lead to interact with fellows, newcomers, participants. All of this
> the view of educating and publicizing ICANN to the public.
> Example google spreadsheet singed-up link created subject to editing if
> adopting:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19YZZ3PikMmx1mVHPl-B3wz4loQG-
> Few suggestions to consider:
> 1. Each current and old MAG Members sign-up for slot to be at the newcomer
> sessions.
> 2. Newcomer download session or daily wrap-up. This session brings leaders
> from the various sessions to directly interact with new-comers  on the
> activities. This will give new comers the opportunities to share thoughts
> and ask questions about the days sessions
> 3. MAG Members should be TAG for easy identification ( If possible in a
> branded SHIRT). With this, i believe new-comers or any participant in any
> session that needs clarification can identify and approach for
> clarification.
> Cheers,
> E-government and Open Government Data Platforms Specialist
> National Information Technology Agency (NITA)/
> Ghana Open Data Initiative Project.
> ICANN Fellow / Member, UN IGF MAG Member, ISOC Member,
> Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) Member, Diplo Foundation Member,
> OGP Open Data WG Member, GODAN Memember, ITAG Member
> Email: wisdom_dk at hotmail.com
> wisdom.donkor at data.gov.gh
> wisdom.dk at gmail.com
> Skype: wisdom_dk
> facebook: facebook at wisdom_dk
> Website: www.nita.gov.gh / www.data.gov.gh
> www.isoc.gh / www.itag.org.gh
> On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 3:48 PM, Anja GENGO <AGENGO at unog.ch> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I hope this email finds you well!
>> I have been asked by Segun to help in scheduling the doodle poll for
>> planning the next meeting of this Group. With posting the poll details
>> below, I am also using this opportunity to brief you about the IGF2016
>> Newcomers Track, and kindly ask for your advise on specific questions,
>> details below as well.
>> Planning the next WGCO Meeting: Week of 24 October
>> Please find the link to doodle poll here, for planning the next virtual
>> meeting during next week. I believe agenda and other details will be sent
>> shortly by the Co-Coordinators.
>> Newcomers Track
>> As the MAG officially approved the implementation of the Newcomers Track
>> (proposal came from the IGF Secretariat and 2 MAG members, Bianca and
>> for this year's IGF, your  assistance in advising how to conduct the most
>> effective outreach would be much appreciated. Let me please remind on the
>> core substance of the program and on our proposal for the outreach plan,
>> your review.
>> The main goal of the Newcomers Track is to make it easier for the IGF
>> participants, who are Newcomers, to understand the entire IGF process.
>> will mean explaining to the Newcomers, by the IGF experienced colleagues,
>> the following topics: what is the IGF; how it functions; what is the MAG
>> who are MAG members; what is the IGF Secretariat; what is the community
>> intersessional work including the notions on DCs and NRIs; what are the
>> Consultations and finally, what is the annual IGF meeting, all in a
>> of a substantive work process happening throughout the year, ever since
>> earliest IGF beginnings. A special focus should be put on the ways of
>> engagement with the IGF.
>> Therefore, during the Day 0, a 90-minutes long session will be organized
>> to reflect the above indicated questions. As the High Level event will be
>> hosted probably in the second half of the day, after lunch, strategically
>> speaking, it would be better to organize this session before lunch time.
>> course, we understand there is a risk of not having many Newcomers
>> yet (as just being Newcomers, maybe the importance of the Day 0 is not
>> known to everyone).
>> During the meeting days, during lunch breaks, called 'Knowledge Cafes'
>> will be organized. These will be informal, very relaxing, gatherings for
>> coffee or even pocket lunch with experienced colleagues from the IGF
>> community. 45-minutes long IGF-talks will be focused on various IGF
>> starting from the procedural ones to the substantive ones. We are in a
>> process of identifying 4 topics, where members of the IGF community, from
>> different stakeholder groups and regions, could help. In any case, we can
>> have 2-4 colleagues that will spend some time with the Newcomers, dinking
>> coffer and answering questions and networking. These knowledge coffees
>> involve colleagues that can speak other UN languages than English, so
>> we can maybe do some groupings around languages and make more than one
>> per day.
>> Outreach plan. Having said this, we believe good outreach is important,
>> we want to make people aware of the Newcomers program, so that they can
>> their schedule and come.
>> One of the ways is to reach out on every 2 weeks from now, to the
>> registered Newcomers, and inform them about this and ask if they will
>> Day 0. We will invite them to sign up to a Newcomers mailing list (also
>> an option to opt-out), where we will be posting all relevant IGF
>> information.
>> The second way is to make a webinar, that will reflect the Newcomers
>> program and the agenda of it, making the Newcomers become interested in
>> attending the session, before the meeting starts.
>> We will also adjust the online IGF schedule, so that it has a separate
>> field where colleagues could identify themselves as Newcomers, indicating
>> their interests, and the community could support them by reaching out to
>> them. This will mean that we should make good outreach plan toward the
>> IGF community, asking for a collaboration on this.
>> We would appreciate a lot if you could provide us with your feedback on
>> this!
>> Best regards,
>> Anja


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