[Wgco] Reinvigorating WGCO & Call for Next Virtual Meeting

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Dear Segun and colleagues,

Congratulations on the dedicated work being done on this topic. I know there is much happening that we aren't all aware of due to being busy. That has certainly been our case. 

So this is a quickly written note to say that we are doing business outreach I just haven’t been able to stop long enough to craft it into the plan you drafted and send it to you. 

Next week I will be in New Delhi speaking at a national conference and meeting with local business people, where I will include our messages explaining and encouraging engagement in IGF and the value of doing so for business. Following that I will be in Hyderabad for  ICANN, where staff and local partners have ensured there will be a substantial number of local businesses attending. So all of us there will be able to share the key messages about the IGF in that instance - to the full spectrum of stakeholders. 

In addition to setting up a deliberate outreach meeting in India, we've done focused outreach in Mexico through our local partner helping to raise awareness of IGF. We will also host a local digital economy policy dialogue alongside the IGF so that we can encourage local business to come and learn more about it. We are working through the regional network to encourage business participation - but travel budgets are tight and funding is apparently not available beyond MAG members this year so some interested parties have had to decline.

My colleague has reached out to work with the team on the newcomers and we've prepared some information and will have a dedicated programme to help new business participants to the IGF engage and find their way around. Finally, we have initiated cooperation with the Secretariat to support the business community engaged in the NRIs and while that is a longer term project, initial scoping is being done and we are committed to supporting this effort beyond just 2016.

With regard to other venues, as I'm on active and on the B20 Task force on Digitalisation, we will be socialising the topline IG messages there to promote this in the G20 recommendations - it won't be about the IGF event per se but rather reinforce the message about the import of this kind of engagement and cooperation.

Hope this is useful as a quick update.
My best regards and perhaps see some of you at ICANN.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Project Director, ICC Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) 
Senior Policy Executive, Digital Economy

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I join Wisdom in looking forward to next meeting.

On outreach efforts, I should mention LACNIC/LACNOG in Costa Rica.
It was a fantastic event full of IGF participants and many interested in IGF.
There were many chances to talk about IGF and its BPFs works and I have received emails of participants interested in starting regional BPFs, which seems quite an interesting idea.

Segun, I think it would be  good if we start to think about building the program for the knowledge cafe sessions with the newcomers track organizers. This could help bring key organizations into IGF.

See you all soon

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 6:32 PM, Wisdom Donkor <wisdom.dk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well noted. Looking forward to the meeting.
> On Friday, October 28, 2016, Olusegun H. Olugbile 
> <solugbile at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear Everyone,
>> I trust you are all doing well. First my apology for not 
>> communicating regularly on the progress work of the group. We are in 
>> our peak period of activities in Nigeria within the ICT industry and 
>> I’m so much involved in many of these important industry activities.
>> I’m aware some of us are engaging in various community outreaches on 
>> IGF 2016. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity of engaging Africa IGF 
>> community during my participation as one of the leading paper 
>> presenters in the recently concluded African IGF at Durban, South 
>> Africa and as a member of African IGF MAG during the preparatory process of the forum.
>> I’ve been following on the progress work of Anja, Renata, Marilyn, 
>> Zeina, and other related work on the Newcomers Track and NRIs. In 
>> spite of these efforts, I must confess we have not done so well in 
>> articulating our messages and prioritizing around our work plan as a 
>> group. I’m aware Ginger and Elizabeth and others have so much to 
>> offer to enhance the work of this group. We can only work together to make it better.
>> As we are moving toward the last phase of the preparatory process,  
>> it is important we harmonize our work streams with the NRI and 
>> Newcomers track and other related activities on IGF outreach and related issues.
>> I suggest we work more closely together from now on the outreach agenda.
>> This is very important. I like learning from experienced members and 
>> while harnessing innovations. I earnestly seek for very useful 
>> insight from members to move this group forward in this direction. 
>> What is most important is to share and integrate our work for the 
>> overall progress of the IGF event.
>> In this regard, I’m calling for active contributions and propose for 
>> a new meeting timeline. Our response to the earlier call for a 
>> meeting is not impressive. This time, I encourage you to respond to 
>> the new time set for our next virtual meeting. If it’s worth doing, 
>> let’s do it better, but together.
>> Anja, please send out a new doodle poll for our next meeting in the 
>> next available time slot and let's take this further.
>> Best Regards
>> Segun Olugbile
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