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Happy new week to everyone.

Last week I sent a doodle poll to all members of WGCO to secure consensus
on our 1st virtual meeting, but unfortunately there are some who are unable
to access the Doodle, others complained on technical errors and difficulty
in accessing the doodle poll. Consequently, the doodle poll received input
from very few members and the votes received are not enough to have wider
consultations or consensus on the meeting.

While I deeply appreciate everyone who took time off to vote on the Doodle,
it is obvious that we have to postpone the meeting considering the
technical errors (probably from my side,) the short notice and the MAG
meeting coming up tomorrow.

I have consulted Chengetai earlier for support prior to sending the doodle,
unfortunately I was informed that Secretariat is in shortage of staff and
their hands are full presently, but they will offer WebEx support.

Therefore, in the light of present circumstances, I’m suggesting the

1.     Parallel hosting of physical meeting of the WGCO during the next MAG
physical meeting in Geneva with opportunity to remotely participate in the

2.     Furthering consultation or interaction among members on the proposed
meeting agenda. (re-copied below) through WGCO email thread and skype
chatting prior to this physical meeting.

3.     Perhaps conduct a skype voice meeting on 25th of May @ 11PM Geneva

We are open to further suggestion.

*Proposed 1st Meeting Agenda (Updated)*

1.     Brief on the revised ToR.

2.      Harmonise on the following Priorities

·         WGCO support for enhancing IGF donor funding

·         Communication link/interaction with Host country, IGF
Secretariat, Syndication & promotional templates for IGF on Web, Social
media, translation, blogging, etc)

·         Identification of new target groups.

·         Collaboration & Synergy with IGF related groups and organization

·         Support for the Secretariat & MAG Chairs – sharing messages,
distribution to networks & feedback mechanism.

·         Communication approach for sharing past and current IGF outcomes

·         Linkages with related global events for IGF visibility, awareness
and value presence.

3.     Template for Multi-year integrated action plan

4.     Remote Participation Mechanism & diversification

·         Considering Ginger’s submission on RP improvement

5.     Assignment of roles and responsibilities.

6.     Please add more (If any)

7.     Any other business.

It is important we fast-track our action plan in line the revised version
of the WGCO ToR.

Comments will be appreciated.

Best Regards.

Segun H. Olugbile

President, Global Network for Cybersolution - GNC  (www.gncafrica.org)
Member, National Cybercrime Advisory Council, Presidency (www.cert.gov.ng)
Member, Nigeria IGF Multi Stakeholders Advisory Group (www.nigf.org.ng)
Technical Advisor to ECOWAS on West Africa IGF (www.waigf.org)
Member, African Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Group  (www.afigf.org)
Member, Global IGF Multi-stakeholders Advisory Group to UN Sec. Gen. (
Fellow, European School of Internet Governance (www.eurossig.eu)
Member, African Information & Communication Technhology Alliance (
Managing Partner, Continental Project Affairs Associates (www.cpaa.com.ng)


*GNC | 5th floor (Olujinmi Chamber floor) NICON Insurance Plaza, Central
Business District, Abuja, FCT - Nigeria*

*CPAA | 72(b) Kwame Nkruma Cresent, Asokoro District Abuja-FCT |** Tel: 234
803 701 7537, 818 180 6044   *

*Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous
preservers of youthful looks - Charles Dickens*
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