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IGF 2020 Village Booth #73 Sensio.Group


At Sensio Network we work on the integrated solution to simplify publishing, licensing and copyright of digital assets for everyone who shares content online. We create Hybrid Distributed Digital Identities managed by users (self-sovereign DIDs) that link all the copyrights over the content she/he creates and shares on the Internet.

By putting an individual, not a platform in charge of the content we work towards establishing the new standards for the open and fair market for digital creatives. Besides, verifiable ownership statements Sensio creates can solve the problem of attribution, verify the legitimacy of content and its source, and limit the spread of fake news.

We would like to showcase our open-source project and educate stakeholders about the potential of using Self-Sovereign Identities in policing and managing user-generated content on the Internet, as well as collect the feedback on how the solution can be improved in order to better suit the needs of different stakeholder groups.