IGF 2022 Day 0 Event #23 Global Tour of Feminist AI: One Year On

Monday, 28th November, 2022 (06:30 UTC) - Monday, 28th November, 2022 (08:00 UTC)
Caucus Room 11


Women at the Table / Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms:

  • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women At The Table/ Civil Society - WEOG
  • Jaime Gutiérrez Alfaro, Tecnológico de Costa Rica/ Academia- LAC
  • Paola Ricaurte Quijano, Tecnológico de Monterrey/ Academia- LAC
  • Nagla Rizk, American University Cairo/Academia - MENA
  • Soraj Hongladarom, Chulalongkorn University/Academia - Asia
  • Supavadee Aramwith, Chulalongkorn University/Academia - Asia
  • Laure Tall, IPAR / Civil Society - Africa
  • Ernest Mwebaze, Sunbird AI /Civil Society- Africa
  • Ingrid Brudvig, Women at the Table/Civil Society - Africa


Onsite Moderator

Jaime Gutiérrez Alfaro

Online Moderator

Caitlin Kraft-Buchman


Giulia DiMaio


5. Gender Equality

Targets: SDG 5 is the core of our work, although we believe Gender Equality is a transversal goal and with Climate Change is the SDG (with which we work closely) are the two SDGs to truly cu across all the 17. In particular we are involved in partnership SDG 17; working to integrate Climate Change AI with transformative gender equality AI SDG 13; Inclusive transportation in mega-cities and urban settlements. SDG 11; policy work on gender responsive AI at the national, regional, and international level SDG 9 etc...


We would prefer to do a Day Zero event such as the one we did last year. If not, a Panel Presentation




Feminist AI‘s goal is AI and Algorithmic Decision-Making that transforms - harnessed to deliver equality outcomes; designed with inclusion at the core; creating new opportunities; focussed on proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

Our Alliance seeks to catalyze a global conversation on algorithms that includes gender, race, class and region at the core of the code. It looks beyond the important privacy and surveillance conversation to a restructuring of power dynamics. It takes a life cycle approach to data and ML regarding creation, collection, deployment and evolution of emerging tech that keeps rights-based approaches firmly at their center.

These rights include economic and social rights often less explored in traditional libertarian models of digital rights which have excluded the most marginalized from the conversation and control of their data and destiny. Inclusive Algorithms () that challenge old models and create new interdisciplinary avenues for systems change in data, technology and AI practices are needed in order to correct real-life bias and barriers that prevent individuals, especially women and youth of the Global South, Black, Indigenous and People of Color from creation, development + deployment of AI systems. This exclusion exacerbates and enables digital colonialism.+>

There are critical connections between Feminist AI, Decolonial AI, Indigenous AI and data rights movements. +>

This global, multidisciplinary panel is meant to inspire and nurture new and old movements who must now work together with the potential to positively transform lives at scale. +>

What is Feminist AI? Why do we need it, and how is it an integral yet missing part of the global internet conversation? How can it create fundamental change in economic + social systems and human rights? How can we catalyze this global movement from the global south to incorporate those who have been traditionally excluded. Alliance leaders + AI4D Africa will share research, policy and technology innovation that can help us leave no one behind, and to thrive. We launched at IGF 2021 and now have papers & prototypes to share. Where are we at Year One in this journey across the Global South?