IGF 2023 Village Booth #27 Erasmus Mundus Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI)


EMILDAI is a new multilingual and interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus master programme fully funded by the EU Commission that aims to educate the next generation of digital experts. Our programme is completely free and we offer EU-funded scholarships to students from all nationalities to complete our 2-year master programme specialising in cybersecurity, data governance, law and ethics of AI from a law or computing perspective.

In our booth we plan to offer an overview of our teaching and learning activities, including our modules, internships, research and work placements. We will invite a diverse group of our students from Ecuador, Haiti, Ireland, Jamaica and Uganda to present their student experience and raise awareness about the existence of our master programme, the challenges of accessing this type of education in their home countries and their current aspirations.

Our ultimate aim is twofold: to disseminate our work towards a more inclusive and accessible Internet environment among IGF attendees and to network with potential partners that could enrich the learning experience of our students. This activity will also be part of the students' final work in which they will write a report on the IGF 2023 theme.