IGF 2019 Online Participation

Welcome to the IGF 2019 Online Participation Platform

Please, follow the instructions below to join to the IGF 2019 Sessions online:

Preliminary Note (to do only the first time): There are two options to be ready to connect to the IGF 2019 Sessions online:

a) Download and install in your device the Client for Meetings and always run it when clicking the links below (this is the RECOMMENDED option).

b) Alternatively, use the multi-platform Chrome web browser to open the virtual meeting links below (you will need to download this web browser to your device, if not installed yet).

1. Initially, please check in the schedule the room number for the session you want to join.

2. Then, to connect to the running session from your device using your Internet access, links to each room are available below:

Additional Note:  ​In order to be able to participate in discussion remotely, please use your registration name when joining the virtual meeting: [current-user:profile-given-name] [current-user:profile-family-name]

Convention Hall II (Main) (Meeting ID: 956 374 438)

Raum I (Meeting ID: 454 358 122)

Raum ​II (Meeting ID: 829 254 744)

Raum ​III (Meeting ID: 342 286 037)

Raum ​IV (Meeting ID: 309 962 567)

Raum ​V (Meeting ID: 119 434 137)

Saal Europa (Meeting ID: 638 565 324)

Convention Hall I - C (Meeting ID: 961 655 375)

Convention Hall I - D (Meeting ID: 141 319 510)

Estrel Saal B (Meeting ID: 529 147 667)

Estrel Saal C (Meeting ID: 989 948 898)

Note: The online participation platform is standard for basic usage -chat, video, presentations and transcription-. However, there is also a quick guide available.

Please, also check these Accessibility Hints.

3. Once you are in the online participation platform, if you want to request the floor please read these instructions.

You can directly access the electronic speaking queue of each room in the links that will be published below: 

Convention Hall II (Main) | Raum ​I | Raum ​II | Raum ​III | Raum ​IV | Raum ​V | Saal Europa | Convention Hall I - C | Convention Hall I - D | Estrel Saal B | Estrel Saal C