IGF 2020 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Online Participation

The online participation platform provides you integrated access to:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Live transcripts
  • Chat
  • Participants list

You can also use your microphone and webcam in the online platform to speak, as well as share your desktop if needed.

How to join the IGF 2020 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meetings:

1. There are two ways of participating online:

2. To connect to the running session from your device using your Internet access, use the following link:

3. Use your registration name when joining the virtual meeting:

  • [current-user:profile-given-name] [current-user:profile-family-name] (If needed, you can hover your name in the Participants List and click on "Rename")

3.1 If you are a MAG member:

On Wednesday 17 June, please include the name of the thematic track you are part of after your registration name. This will help to add you to the correct breakout group.

About the breakout rooms: MAG members do not need to do anything special to join the breakout rooms. You will automatically be placed in your assigned breakout room until the main room session resumes. For more information, check this short explanatory video.

4. Once you have entered the virtual room and the session is underway, you can request the floor and view the speaking queue.

For more information on using the online floor request queue: read these instructions.

Need more help?