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Latest Files
File Name Folder Date Action
DCCG Meeting 86 Transcript.pdf Coordination Meeting Transcripts 07/23/2024
Actions Items_IGF 2024 MAG Mtg VI_final_CN.pdf 2024 07/23/2024
Actions Items_IGF 2024 MAG Mtg V_final_CN.pdf 2024 07/23/2024
PNMA_MWG Meeting II Slide deck_21072024 final_1.pdf PNIF 07/22/2024
IGF2024-BPF-CyberSecurityCapacityBuilding-20June-Agenda.pdf BPF Cybersecurity 07/16/2024
IGF2024-PNIF-webinar1-Summary.pdf PNIF 07/16/2024
DC3 Call for Resources 2024.pdf DC3 07/15/2024
PNMA 2024 Work plan v4_final.pdf PNIF 07/09/2024
PNMA Meeting I Summary Report_Jun 2024_final.pdf PNIF 07/09/2024
South African IGF Report 2024.pdf NRIs Reports 07/09/2024
IGF 2024 Open Consultations Day - Intersessional Event.pdf 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 07/08/2024
Second OC and MAG Meeting_ISOC.pdf 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 07/07/2024
Second OC and MAG Meeting_UNJSPF.pdf 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 07/07/2024
workplan.pdf Parliamentary Track 07/03/2024
IGF Leadership Panel Meeting_180624.pdf IGF Leadership Panel 07/05/2024
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