BPF Cybersecurity

The IGF 2023 Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity focuses on storybanking cybersecurity incidents to present the voices of those most affected to those developing policies. By collecting and evaluating cybersecurity events to present first-person narratives from those most affected as victims or first responders to policy and norms developing deliberations, the high-level policy decisions can be grounded in reality.



By 18 JuneReview the survey results and volunteer to help research and assess cybersecurity incidentsReview the google doc


Join the BPF Cybersecurity mailing list (subscribe here) and the BPF calls (details below).  The BPF welcomes community volunteers to help with the collection of information, analysis and drafting. Contact  [email protected] if interested in joining the work . 

BPF Objective for 2023

To collect and evaluate cybersecurity events to present first-person narratives from those most affected as victims or first responders to inform policy and norms developing deliberations, so that high-level policy decisions are grounded in reality.

BPF Work Plan

1. collect high-profile cases and select +/- 1 incident per georgraphical region

2. analyse the incidents for their impact on: a) people, b) CI/CII, c) government services, d) technical (infra)structures and e) incident responders **

3. assess the effect of the observation of norms and their implementation

 ( ** The UN norms on responsible state behaviour touch on effect on people, CI/CII (#6/7), essential services (#6), technical infrastructure (#9,10) and CERTs (#11).)

BPF Activities & Updates


BPF Coordinating team
  • MAG BPF co-facilitators
    • Ms Hariniombonana Andriamampionona
    • Ms Carina Birarda
    • Ms Josephine Miliza
  • BPF Lead experts and co-facilitators
    • Mr Bart Hogeveen
    • Mr Klee Aiken
    • Ms Sheetal Kumar
  • Consultant IGF Secretariat
    • Mr Wim Degezelle

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 Learn more about the 2022 BPF Cybersecurity at www.intgovforum.org/en/content/bpf-cybersecurity-2022