Data governance and trust for the Internet we want (co-organized by NRIs)

Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (02:30 UTC) - Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (04:00 UTC)
Main Hall

Through exchange with communities from around the world gathered around over 160 national, regional, sub-regional and youth IGF initiatives, this panel will address the pivotal discourse of data governance and the establishment of trust. It will explore the interplay between a reliable Internet and effective data governance.

Delving into the multifaceted role of data in supporting societal advancement and sustainability, the discussion will unravel the efficacy of existing data governance mechanisms. Additionally, it will delve into the potential advantages stemming from the implementation of regional legal frameworks designed to strengthen data protection. 

An in-depth analysis of the divergent impacts of data regulations in the Global South versus the Global North will feature prominently. The panel will intricately explore the viability and indispensability of forging a global policy paradigm as a viable alternative to localized solutions. Moreover, this session will unravel pragmatic strategies for implementing enforcement mechanisms that effectively oversee data governance regulations, particularly in the context of influential tech conglomerates operating in developing regions.

Empowerment strategies for Internet users will be dissected to cultivate a culture of sound data governance. Our discourse will critically appraise evaluative methodologies aimed at refining data protection policies. Furthermore, we will probe the capacity of data governance frameworks to amplify transparency and accountability within the data ecosystem, all while steering responsible data utilization in alignment with societal ethos. This exploration will be conducted with an eye on mitigating the challenge of internet fragmentation.

The community will discuss aspects related to various policy matters on the session’s topic, such as:

[Data governance and Trust]

  • What role does data play in societal development and sustainability? 
  • What is the relationship between the trusted Internet and good data governance? What are the main challenges?‎ 

‎[Data governance mechanisms]

  • Can regional legal frameworks be helpful for data protection? ‎How do you see effective data protection mechanisms?
  • How effective are data regulations in the Global South compared to the Global ‎North?
  • Do we have policy instruments we want? Do they effectively contribute to fostering a strong and trustworthy Internet?‎ Are they relevant for the Internet which is ‎predominantly based on content in the English language?‎‎‎
  • Is it necessary and/or feasible  to develop a global policy approach, instead of national/regional solutions?
  • How does data availability help in transparency and development?
  • What kind of data regime is needed for the most effective and robust system for the implementation of development agenda’s?
  • To what extent would data governance contribute to delivery of national goals?
  • How can data governance systems be improved at national levels? 
  • How do we ensure data governance sustainability at all levels of development?
  • What are the Ethical issues concerning data? 

[Data ownership and regulation enforcement]

  • What effective enforcing mechanisms can we find for big tech companies, to comply with ‎data governance regulations in developing regions?‎
  • How to empower Internet users for trusted data governance?
  • Are the evaluation procedures helpful for the improvement of data protection policies?‎
  • How can data governance frameworks promote transparency and accountability in the ‎data ecosystem, ensuring that data is used responsibly and in line with societal values? And how to prevent fragmentation of the Internet? ‎

[Next-level challenges: AI]

  • How can data governance frameworks address the ethical considerations and potential ‎biases associated with data collection, use, and analysis, particularly in the context of ‎emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence?‎
  • What are the risks of illegitimate processing of personal data in artificial intelligence ‎activities? ‎
  • What are the key recommendations to prevent the infringement of human rights resulting from the illicit processing of personal data in the context of artificial intelligence?

Before all NRIs sign up to speak, the stage will be set by several NRIs-affiliated and delegated expert speakers:

  • Ms. Alison Gilward, South Africa | African IGF
  • Ms. Yik Chan CHIN, China | China IGF
  • Mr. Lucien Castex, France | French IGF
  • Mr. Raul Echeberria, Uruguay | LACIGF
  • Mr. Charles Shaaban, Jordan | Arab IGF

Onsite moderator: Ms. Zanyiwe Nthatisi-Asare, South Africa | African IGF
Online moderator: Ms. Judith Hellerstein, USA | IGF-USA and DCAD; and Ms. Karen Cruz, Costa Rica | Youth LACIGF
Rapporteurs: Ms. Saba Tiku Beyene, Youth IGF Ethiopia; Ms. Phyo Thiri Lwin, Myanmar Youth IGF; Mr. Peter Taiwo, Nigeria IGF and Mr. Rabie Bouyahiaoui Youth IGF Movement


This session is prepared by all recognized NRIs through support of the IGF Secretariat NRIs Focal Point.