DC-Pub: Action Plan


The specific plans of the new Dynamic Coalition depend of course on the input of the various participants. The basic approach would be to establish research points of contact globally to start the intersessional work conducted. The information would be consolidated into a webpage containing key research, statistics, case studies and data bank. The research would also be supported by events to help disseminate the information.

1- Joint statement

a. Defining the concept of publicness

b. Explaining with country based cases why it is needed (right to be forgotten, right to cancellation)

c. Explaining its added value and why it needs to be protected

2- Creation of surveys to gather worldwide

a. Views and understandings of all things public online

b. Views and understandings of all things public offline

c. Assessment and evaluation of the survey (common grounds, differences and new aspects)

3- Creation of a data bank with juridical cases affecting the public realm (on the right to be forgotten, right to cancellation, intermediary regulatory processes, etc.)