Dynamic Coalition on Gaming for Purpose (DC-G4P)


With the new age of gaming in web 3.0 coming along, it is high time we move gaming from a primary purpose of entertainment to a place where it meets a purpose and entertainment. This coalition is – ‘Gaming for purpose – G4P’. G4P is a growing movement that is using gaming to address real-world challenges and make a positive impact on society.

Mostly, our perception of gaming lies as an activity for spending time on entertainment, but with the latest technologies coming through, most of the apps are now gamified and we do not even realize how we’re a part of a game in an app while using it normally.

G4P games are designed to be both informative and engaging. For example, games can be used to educate players about important social and environmental issues. They can also help them to upskill and gain knowledge.

Industries like healthcare, education, and environmental management stand to benefit from this integration.

Being rewarded for spending money on our credit cards is also a form of gamification as it provides an incentive for people to spend more and earn reward points, and in result, spending more of it and the cycle goes on.

Gaming for Purpose is all about technology and what can be done to make our world better with the help of gamification and gaming. WHO declared gaming as a mental disorder in 2019, and recently, FDA permitted gaming as a means to increase the focus of children with ADHD. This shows how gaming is being internationally accepted and being taken forward in every scope of life, and we want to be a part of the change.

Action Plan

  • Promote awareness of and support for G4P
  • To bring together leaders in the Web 3 and Gaming Industries and brainstorm towards the future.
  • Organize online and offline workshops with major leaders in the field and spread awareness.
  • Organize conferences/group discussions for people to engage in debates/discussions about the cons and pros of moving gaming to every field of life.
  • Publish an Annual Magazine with the newest technology in the field and aims for the upcoming years.
  • Move people from a fully entertainment-based game technology system to games that are for a purpose/ made with a cause.
  • Advocate for the use of gaming to address real-world challenges and make a positive impact on society

Measuring Impact:

The DC-G4P will measure its impact by tracking the following indicators:

  • Number of people reached by DC-G4P activities
  • Level of engagement of DC-G4P members
  • Number of G4P games developed and deployed
  • Impact of G4P games on players and communities

Mailing List



  • Reyansh Gupta, Founder & Global Lead, Gaming for Purpose, OpenGrowth.org

Private Sector

  • Gunjan Sinha, Executive Chairman, MetricStream; Chairman, OpenGrowth
  • Shellye Archambeau, Board Director, Verizon
  • Anindo Banerjea CTO, MyTime 
  • Lyle Maxson, Founder, SoundSelf


  • Prof. Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab 
  • Daniel Kauffman President, International Gambling Counselor Certification Board 


  • Neeraj A Sharma, Counsel General, Palau Government

Civil Society

  • Pyrate Ruby Passel, Co-Chair, Dynamic Teen Coalition, Youth Advocacy
  • Rohan Sinha, Teen Representative, Woodside Priory High School
  • Stacy Gildenston, Dynamic Teen Coalition

Mentor to the DC

  • Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Chairman, Dynamic Coalition on Digital Health / Internet & Jobs / Environment




Reyansh Gupta, Founder & Global Lead, Gaming for Purpose, OpenGrowth.org

reyansh [at] opengrowth [dot] com

reyanshgupta [at] aol [dot] com