High Level Panel V - Artificial Intelligence

Monday, 9th October, 2023 (02:00 UTC) - Monday, 9th October, 2023 (04:00 UTC)
Main Hall

AI High-level session description

Can you tell that the sentences or the web site you are looking at right now are not made up of text or images generated by AI?

Our society experienced profound impacts brought by the rapid and full-scale rise of generative AI technology.

Apparently, generative AI brings a lot of potentials for great social revolutions that stand comparison with industrial and information revolutions, but in order to harness the opportunity to the maximum extent it is necessary for all stakeholders to understand the risks and challenges as well as to take appropriate measures and actions under our own responsibilities. 

What should be necessary to maximize the benefits to human well-being while mitigating the risks and challenges posed by generative AI to the society?

Generative AI has been taking off in deployment in various fields such as drug discovery and product design. How those advanced AI systems should be governed without losing the power to accelerate innovation?

How should we address the risks and challenges such as dis-/mis-information and lack of transparency etc.?

How should we guide development of generative AI in an inclusive way where the benefits of this technology is broadly shared without increasing digital divides around language or gender gaps?

These complexities will be addressed in the discussion in this session in Kyoto. The beautiful landscape of Kyoto is a rich fruit of diversity and complexity in its long history of various actors such as court nobles, temples and shrines, samurais, and townspeople. Similarly, generative AI is a product of organic interdependence in which a diversity of actors have been involved from the stage of designing, development and data production and collection. This probably supports the argument that the international governance on generative AI should be discussed and guided by the multi-stakeholder approach, which UN IGF ideally embodies.

This session plans to introduce discussions in the Hiroshima AI process led by G7 with Japanese Presidency and exchange views on the future direction of AI governance.