IGF 2014 Session Reports


Reports for the IGF 2014 workshops can be found under individual workshop pages.


Main/Focus Sessions

Policies Enabling Access, Growth and Development on the Internet


Capacity-Building Sessions

Capacity Building Roundtable Substantive Summary


Open Forums

Council of Europe Open Forum - Your Internet, Our Aim: Guide Internet Users to Their Human Rights

Freedom Online Coalition Open Forum - Protecting Human Rights Online

ICANN Open Forum

ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Open Forum 

ISOC Open Forum - ISOC @ IGF: Dedicated to an Open Accesible Internet

ITU-UNICEF Open Forum - Launch of Revised Guidelines on for Industry on Child Online Protection by ITU and UNICEF

OECD Open Forum - The Economics of an Open Internet

Republic of Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning  / Korea Internet & Security Agency Open Forum - Korea’s Efforts to Advance Internet Environment Including IPv6 Deployment

UNESCO Open Forum - Multistakeholder Consultation on UNESCO's Comprehensive Study on the Internet 

UNCTAD Open Forum - Consultations on CSTD Ten-Year Review of WSIS

The World Wide Web Foundation Open Forum - Measuring What and How: Capturing the Effects of the Internet We Want


Dynamic Coalitions

Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability

Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety - Disrupting and Reducing the Availability of Child Sex Abuse Materials on the Internet - How Can Technology Help?

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media - Battle for Free User Generated Content

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change

Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles - The IRPC Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet: Five Years On

Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

Youth Coalition on Internet Governance


Flash Sessions

Crowdsourced Solutions to Bridge the Gender Digital Divide

Internet & Jurisdiction Project


Other events

Governance in a Mobile Social Web: Finding the Markers (pre-event)

A Safe, Secure and Sustainable Internet and the Role of Stakeholders (pre-event)