IGF 2016 - Day 0 - Room 1 - ISOC Collaborative Leadership Exchange - Afternoon


The following are the outputs of the real-time captioning taken during the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Jalisco, Mexico, from 5 to 9 December 2016. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the event, but should not be treated as an authoritative record. 


     >> MODERATOR:  Come on down.  We're going to get started.  We're going to move.  You just ate.  You know you need to move.  Everybody down, everybody down.  Just come on here.  Everybody just ate.  Look at this, everybody.  This is our future.  The light inside.  Oh, yeah. 

     Okay.  We're going to do a quick thing.  I want you to find someone who you haven't talked with yet.  I just want you for the next five minutes, ten minutes, I want you to talk about how you're going to make sure you make the most out of the next hour and a half we have together.  We only have 90 more minutes together. 

     So this is the time and I want you to meet with someone you haven't talked with yet, and I want the conversation to be how are we going to use the next 90 minutes.  Does that make sense.  Can I get a volunteer to share back what we're going to do?  Any volunteers?  Yes.  Thank you so much.  So kind. 

     >> PARTICIPANT:  Hi, guys.  Grab to somebody you haven't talked to all day and talk about how you want to make the most of the next 90 minutes until the end of the session. 

     >> MODERATOR:  All right.  Everyone take a deep breath.  We're going to make some noise.  One more.  You're getting there.  Find your partner.  Find a partner. 

     >> MODERATOR:  Thank you so much.  Do you have an idea?  Are we back in the room?  Are you ready for the afternoon?  A lot of you are.  Now, unlike normal I'll invite you to go in and have a seat, and as you go to find your seat, I need to get a show of hands.  Who will host a conversation in this last and final round.  Raise your hand up high, please. 

     Who is going to host a conversation?  Okay.  We're going to need more than that.  I'll invite you to have a seat and think about what topic you want to make sure you talk about today with a group that we have here.  Come on and have a seat.  I want to invite up another one of our hosts.  Thank you. 

     I'd like to invite up a host today.  Marie Terrell with the Humane Society.  Give you a round of applause.


     >> MODERATOR:  It's actually my honor to introduce (inaudible) vice president of global engagement at the Internet Society.  It's building community around the globe and sustaining the outcomes that we're all looking forward to around the open Internet.  Please join me in welcoming Raul, and he will speak for a few minutes to all of us. 

     >> Hi, everybody.  Thank you very much.  You have been very kind.  This is really one of the committees that I like more in the more than 100 things we do with the Internet Society.  This is a way that we understand it.  It's not just being in the committees.  It's really building a community and helping people be engaged in a meaningful way in the Internet. 

     I think that in the last few years I went to the Internet Society.  And also, other people that are not here today, and one person that is giving to the society for starting on the different and this is very good work in really making a reality of this program. 

     As we started to work with them from last year ‑‑ since last year we started to work really with CGI Brazil on the youth program that was initially there and promoted by them. 

     We will really, really glad to be part of that endeavor, and this year we plan to do it with the government of Mexico and them supporting them.  This is now becoming bigger.  This is really the problem.  This is the pick around the world not only in in field but in other fields.  Everybody speaks about the need for renovation and the need for new leaders. 

     We are really strong believers in that, and I ‑‑ we tried to also show that in our own examples.  We're here for mentoring people in this group, and I'm seeing you.  We have to talk later.  And then this is how ‑‑ because it is really important, so we help people to open their own ways on this ‑‑ on this work. 

     I just meant in coming here from a different meeting I met probably ten people through here.  I met (inaudible) Hernandez, and I told her I'm very proud of you because this year she's coming ‑‑ so came here on her own, and she's ‑‑ very wrote a chapter in a book that's being launched today about violence in the community.  She made very good contacts her last year and she's refocusing also her career and time to do what she likes. 

     But I could tell you about many examples, but why not everybody here know the name?  Yes?  Anybody know him?  He's going to be a fellow of the Internet Society, and this is the way that we're showing this community.  But what do you mean by yourself?  I started my career on the Internet related links in 1996 exactly 20 years ago as the fellowship into the society of fellow programs.  And I could mention many, many people that is attending this IGF in leadership positions that have been in the same place that you are today.  And we have two different groups here. 

     These people already have more knowledge and allow how things work and they already work on things that are related to this matter.  Some of them are really leaders, and I'm seeing everything here.  That's in the African community, and I don't know if you ‑‑ if you here yet, just ask her to speak.  She's a very inspiring leader.  So what we'll do in this case is helping you to become more engaged in this IGF providing you some materials for doing it. 

     But also taking advantage of you, because you will be able to apply it.  You will be ‑‑ these are people that will help us to achieve our mission and the mission of the other organizations that are engaged in in program.  So they are partners because we have similar missions. 

     So this is a dual purpose, and I think this is very important.  And we have the other group that is the youth.  This is really about promoting new leaders and bringing new people on board.  You do have a challenge.  And the challenge is that it is ‑‑ some of you know the program.  You are young today, and this program is not allowed to engage you. 

     It's about engaging youth, and it means that what I'm doing and myself I'm doing is you have to work later for opening the ways also to other people, because you have to think who will be the people that will be sitting in these chairs in a few years and how you can also help them to become engaged. 

     Be in the chair for next year and you it doesn't any longer exist in this, and there's a new thing, or even engaging people in the national level is very important, because this is where the policies are developed, and we need to get the influence from all the stakeholders in the policy‑making that mostly will happen at the local level.  So I ‑‑ really I say that I want to speak only for a minute, but I don't know if you know that, but there is a saying that's the one who has the mic has the power. 

     So while I have the mic, I have the power.  So I don't want to lose the power.  This is an analogy but this is what happened when we grew up and we're no longer young.  We're going to lose the power.  This is difficult to realize that we have to promote other people to take also leadership roles in the activity and this one is an example. 

     So I hope that you can help us in the future to continue that.  That this could continue and we will continue engaging new people.  It's already working in the field, and then they'll have experience by helping them or open to them new avenues for more information and bringing new people on board.  That's the new people that will bring the new ‑‑ the new era, because they are the new ones that really know what is needed for the future. 

     I will be around.  I hope that you take advantage of this experience not only about what you will learn in this course but the advantage of the working and the new polling and working among you but also the people that you will meet here in this meeting.  And I hope to continue working with you in the future please come to me.  I am available for anything you need.  So just let me know.  That's all.  Enjoy this week. 

     ( Applause )

     >> MODERATOR:  Thank you.  Are we ready?  Here's the key question.  How many of you are ready to maximize the next 60 minimum ‑‑ 60 minutes?  What's the best of the work?  Workshops and a lot of listening to a few people.  A little dialogue without being able to balance ideas all the time, so I really that you can take advantage. 

     If you came to IGF with a particular challenge in your community and your work, a question, this is the time to invite your peers to talk with you about it and share ideas.  A lot of the best things happen in conferences and usually in the hallways, and they're networking and spoke of that. 

     You get a lot of inspiration, so we hope to make the next 60 minutes fantastic for you as an advocate on your journey.  Are you ready?  Ladies and gentlemen, you need some people that are going to host some conversations.  If you're going to host a conversation, please come on up.  (Speaking in Spanish)

    >> PARTICIPANT:  We are going to have a conversation.  We're ready to talk about what you want to talk about, right?  Only what I want to talk about, right? 

     >> MODERATOR:  I like it, though.  Come on up stage.  There you go.  Thank you. 

     ( Applause )

     >> MODERATOR:  Okay.  We're going to start here.  We're going to start with these five fantastic folks.  Is anybody thinking maybe I want to talk with others about something interesting to me, how many people came from 500 miles away?  Raise your hand?  What about 1,000 miles?  Keep them up.  2,000 miles?  3,000 miles?  You all traveled a long way. 

     I imagine there's a reason we're at this conference, and this is the time to take advantage.  So let's see what they have to say.  If you don't have your motivation, your heart and mind tickled by these beautiful minds, I want to say you come up and host a conversation.  Sound good?  Okay.  Let's start.

     So we're going to share the name and an invitation for people to come. 

     (Speaking in Spanish)

     >> PARTICIPANT:  We're going to talk about free Internet around the globe with some classes. 

     >> PARTICIPANT:  Please join me if you want to have a conversation about whether or not there needs to be greater regulation or rules specifically for social media.  

     (Speaking in Spanish)

     >> PARTICIPANT:  Hi.  I would like to talk about co‑computing security and the protection.  Is it in Spanish or English?  No problem. 

     >> Hi, everyone.  About ten years ago, I started my working journey as a journalist in Belarus.  Now I invite you to join the discussion about the freedom of speech online.  I'd love to hear about this situation in your countries and share my own experiences.  So please join me. 

     (Speaking in foreign language)

     >> PARTICIPANT:  I would proceed the topic whether Internet should be considered as a right, and if so, if there's a need for a Bill of Rights that includes the Internet. 

     >> MODERATOR:  Are you confident?  Yes.  Oh. 

     >> PARTICIPANT:  Hi.  I would like to talk about big data.  We haven't talked about it, and I'm not an expert, but I really want to do research about it, so if you know about that data and its implications, it's obligations aren't for the (inaudible).  I would like to join me in Spanish or English.  It doesn't matter.  I just want your knowledge about it. 

     >> MODERATOR:  Another beautiful example.  Thank you for taking the initiative.  It's perfect.  Any others?  Come on down. 

     >> PARTICIPANT:  I want to talk about the differences in (inaudible).  It's a very important topic about technology, so if you want to talk in Spanish or English, it doesn't matter. 

     >> MODERATOR:  Any others?  Are you feeling good about these options?  Yeah.  I need to stand right now if you know where you're going.  If you want to, come on down if you want interest.  If you know where you're going, it's clear to you about these options.  I just want you to stand and see a visual representation.  If you want to move the conversation, come on down.  For all those sitting there questioning it. 

     >> PARTICIPANT:  Hi.  I will speak in Spanish. 

     (Speaking in Spanish)

     >> MODERATOR:  Okay.  Stay in the stands.  Stay in the stands. Okay. 

     (Speaking in Spanish)

     >> MODERATOR:  Okay.  Are we ready?  Are we ready?  All right.  Okay.  Let's make sure be in small groups.  Let's remember, they are not a training.  It is not a workshop.  It is a dialogue.  Let's make sure everyone's voices are included and these ideas are shared beautiful.  I will bring around paper to capture the key ideas, but for now stay where you're out and assign a note‑taker and we'll come back in 45 minutes at 1450.  Have fun and find your team. 

     (Small group discussions

     >> MODERATOR:  Okay.  Come on down.  We have to finish.  What you wrote is perfect.  We only have 10 minutes.  Then we're forced to leave the space.  Let's close on down.  Shut it down.  All right, everybody.  Last call.  Everybody come down and bring all of your bags and everything and come on down. 

     (Speaking in Spanish)

     >> MODERATOR:  Ladies and gentlemen, come on down.  There's the cheap seats.  Come on down.  Can you hear me?  Thank you.  Here's the thing.  We only have ten minutes.  What we need you to do is put all of your belongings in your bag and get them and come here.  No one is sitting.  Get everything so we can quickly leave.  Bring all of your things and come up here, please. 

     Come and take a look at the charts.  Come on in.  It's 55.  You're going to be good.  Please come in.  We do not have time.  Come, come, come.  Come on.  We need to be faster, guys.  This is painful.  This is as painful for you as it is for me.  We have to leave the room for the next panel.  Please come on down. 

     Please make room.  I like that attitude.  So we're going to close out and take things outside with the pieces of paper and have them outside in the cafeteria if you want to take photos or notes.  We only have a few minutes, so what I'm going to do is take a deep breath and I want you to look at one thing you want to take from today.  Something that you got to get in there and keep it in there. 

     I'll help you.  That's tap on your ex‑boyfriend, ex‑girlfriend's phone number, any unnecessary information and bring in something you've got together.  Everybody raise your hand if you have something to improve your work from this conference here.  Awesome.  That feels good.  Hopefully you have more friends and colleagues you work with and support each other this week and make the most of your time together.  I'm going to pass it, and she's going to close us out. 

     >> So the Internet Society has run these Collaborative Leadership Exchanges for the past five years, and this is part of our commitment to building community and fostering relationships.  I'd like to say thank you to Chris for creating the space for us to have these conversations.  Niel is somewhere here.  I'd like to thank Niel all of his efforts to pulling this together on behalf of the Internet Society.  Thank you, Niel. 

     And then finally, I'd like to thank each and every one of you because you make this happen, and the work that you have done today is about making sure that everybody has voice and dignity and respect and can feel heard and I look forward to hearing how you carry this out for the rest of this week and enjoy.  Okay? 

     >> MODERATOR:  Thank you.  Okay, the last announcement.  We're going quickly out of the room so they can set up their panel.  If you want to continue the conversation in workshop number 3.  They're having conversation about connectivity and communities by region.  Everyone here is welcome to jump into those conversations.  It's happening where?  Workshop 3.  If you want to go, now is the time. 

     Thank you for the day.  Have a good one. 

     (Session ended at 4:00 p.m.)