IGF 2017 WS #109 How Counter Narratives can help Pluralistic Democracy to florish online

Short Title
How Counter Narratives support Democracy in Europe

Proposer's Name: Mr. Menno Ettema

Proposer's Organization: Council of Europe - No Hate Speech Movement

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Ruxa Pandea

Co-Proposer's Organization: Youth Department - Council of Europe


Mr. Menno, ETTEMA, Intergovernmental Organisation, Council of Europe Ms. Irina Drexler, Civil Society, PATRIR


0-5’: Introduction, short presentation of forms of taking action on hate speech and for human rights that exists in a democratic society.

5-20’: Exploration: what make Counter and Alternative narratives a human rights narrative supporting pluralistic democracy?, with illustrations from the No Hate Speech Movement and other campaigns and youth actions.

20-30’: closing discussion, sharing of practices and examples by participants