IGF 2017 WS #12 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: An East-West Dialogue

Short Title
Social Responsibility and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Proposer's Name: Ms. Jia He

Proposer's Organization: Bytedance

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. William Drake

Co-Proposer's Organization: University of Zurich


Ms., Jia HE, Private Sector, Bytedance Mr., William J. Drake, Civil Society, University of Zurich Ms., Xu Zhao, Technical community, China Academy of ICT



Introduction by medorator: Jia He (3 mins)

Speakers (10 mins):

1. Mr. Urs Gasser, Harvard University (5mins) 

2. Mr. Hongjiang Zhang, Former CEO of Kingsoft, Venture Partner of Code Source (5mins)

Panel discussion (50mins):

1. Mr. William J. Drake, University of Zurich 

2. Mrs. Ping Lang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 

3. Mr. Irakli BERIDZE, UNICRI 

4. Ms. Karen MCCABE, IEEE 

5. Mr. Chwee Chua, IDC 

Onsite Q&A (5mins):

1. Mr. Baoguo Cui, Tsinghua University(2 mins Q+3 mins A) 

Online Q&A (20mins):

1. Ms.Florence Toffa, the executive director of Mobile Web Ghana, Africa. (2 mins Q+3 mins A) 
2. Mr. Feng Guo, vice president of ICANN GAC (2 mins Q+3 mins A) 
3. Ms. Danit Gal, Israel AI policy scholar (2 mins Q+3 mins A) 
4. Mr. Yue Liu, chair of Internet technology and policy, China Academy of ICT (2 mins Q+3 mins A) 

Summary by medorator: Jia He (2 mins)