IGF 2017 WS #145
The Internet of Things and accessibility for people with disability

Short Title
Internet of Things and people with disability
Proposer's Name: Ms. Gunela Astbrink

Proposer's Organization: Women With Disabilities Australia

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Shadi Abou-Zahra

Co-Proposer's Organization: W3c


Ms.,Gunela,ASTBRINK,Civil Society,Women With Disabilities Australia Mr.,Shadi,ABOU-ZAHRA,Technical Community,W3c

Additional Speakers

Andrea Saks



• Introduction of topic (5 mins)
• Short statements (5 mins each) by subject matter experts (35 mins)
• Set questions by moderator to stimulate discussion among subject matter experts and workshop participants including remote participants (40 mins)
• Summary of key points raised (5 mins)