IGF 2017 WS #157
What digital future for vulnerable people?

Short Title
What digital future for vulnerable people?
Proposer's Name: Mr. Enrico Calandro

Proposer's Organization: Research ICT Africa

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Chenai Chair

Co-Proposer's Organization: Research ICT Africa


Ms., Anri, VAN DER SPUY, Private Sector, Independent Consultant

Additional Speakers

Dr. Anja Kovacs


Suggested Agenda (90 minutes):
a. Introduction to the workshop topic by Anri Van Der Spuy, workshop co-organizer

b. Presentation of the RIA Beyond Access research (indicators on digital rights awareness) by Chenai Chair (5 minutes)

c. Panelist remarks (5 minutes each: 20 minute in total)

d. Open Discussion (35 minutes), facilitated by on-side moderator, including comments and questions from remote participants

e.  Closing remarks from panelists (5 minutes each: 20 minutes in total)

f.  Wrap-up of the discussion (10 minutes)