IGF 2017 WS #178 Assessing implications of Internet Shutdowns according to Internet Governance Principles

Short Title
Assessing implications of internet shutdowns

Proposer's Name: Mr. Hartmut Glaser

Proposer's Organization: Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br)

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Juliano Cappi

Co-Proposer's Organization: NIC.br


Mr.,Carlos,DESOUZA,CivilSociety,Instituto Internet e Sociedade - ITS-Rio

Additional Speakers

Mr. Park Kyung-Sin - Korea University Law School Professor - Academic Community

K.S. Park is one of the founders of Open Net Korea, a forum for discussion and collaboration on ICT freedoms and human rights. He is currently Open Net’s director for litigation. Since 2006, he has also served as the executive director of the PSPD Law Center, a non-profit entity that organized several high-impact litigations in the areas of free speech, privacy, and copyright. Additionally, K.S. was a key drafting partner in two pivotal NGO-led and standard-setting international efforts in online privacy and free speech: the Principles of Application of International Law on Communication Surveillance and the International Principles on Intermediary Liability.


1st segment:

10 min: a general introduction about the topic under discussion by one of the moderators

20 min: participants intervention (2 min each)


2nd segment:

10 min: presentation about some conceptual and practical challenges related the tensions between localization and the transnational nature of Internet flows, with a special focus on the issue of jurisdiction

20 min: participants intervention (2 min each)


3rd segment:

25 min: open mic session that will be based on a policy question that delves into “the role of the multistakeholder community in coping with the facts and challenges listed in the previous segments”

5 min: moderators summarize discussions