IGF 2017 WS #193
Youth Engagement in Internet Governance Ecosystem: Current Scenario, Controversies and Future Action

Short Title
Youth Engagement in Internet Governance Ecosystem
Proposer's Name: Ms. Bruna Santos

Proposer's Organization: Youth Observatory

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Sze Ming Tan

Co-Proposer's Organization: Sinar Project


Miss Sze Ming Tan, Civil Society, SINAR PROJECT/ Youth for Rights (Y4R). Miss Sarah Linke, Civil Society, Youth Observatory. Mr. Carlos Guerrero, Civil Society, HiperDerecho and Youth Observatory.


1. Onsite moderator opens the session and introduces the speakers - 10 min 
2. The onsite moderator will divide the audience into groups and will address each speaker/groups one of the following questions for them to answer (15 min):
- What are the barriers encountered by youngsters when entering the Internet Governance Ecosystem?
- What are the main Youth @ #netgov movements? Do the initiatives know each other? Are we exchanging experiences, best practices and regional backgrounds ? How can these different movements connect or work together? Would there be a need for a Best Practice youth Forum within IGF ? (as a fora that would conjoint the ideas and practices?)
- Are the Youth movements legitimate? Do we really represent the Youth ? how can we represent the diversity of realities and youths around the world?
- Funding issues - how can we prospect sponsors and how can we be autonomous with no influence by them?
- Is there/should there be such thing as an Youth Agenda for Internet Governance?

3. Group discussion on the assigned question (30 min) 
4. Every speaker will be the rapporteur of the group discussion and will share the themes with the larger audience (30 min)
5. Onsite moderator will resume the discussion and offer final toughts  (5 min)