IGF 2017 WS #227
Addressing gender violence on the Internet through strategic litigation

Short Title
A perspective from the Global South
Proposer's Name: Ms. Jazmin Acuna

Proposer's Organization: TEDIC

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Maricarmen Sequera

Co-Proposer's Organization: TEDIC


Same as the Proposal Contact person.

Additional Speakers



-Brief presentation about TEDIC and the speakers

-Short Q&A with participants to introduce a case of gender violence in Paraguay: Participants will receive a paper with a general description of the case in which a journalist, who is a lesbian woman, had access to a group chat where a number of men discuss how to correct her sexual orientation by raping her. The goal of this exercise is to discuss the options available (or not) to the journalist in that particular instance. 

-Presentation of the case where a judge censored TEDIC and the journalist for making public the chat conversation and calling it an issue of gender violence: a reflection on the limits of privacy, freedom of expression and public interest. 

-Strategies applied to address the case: litigation, media campaign, grassroots organizing

-Short Q&A