IGF 2017 WS #230
Youth participation in Internet Governance

Short Title
Youth participation in Internet Governance
Proposer's Name: Mr. Menno Ettema

Proposer's Organization: Council of Europe - No Hate Speech Movement

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Ruxandra Pandea

Co-Proposer's Organization: Youth Department - Council of Europe


Ruxandra Pandea, Youth Department - Council of Europe Regina Jensdottir, Council of Europe, Children’s Rights Division


0-5’ Introduction to the workshop and participants
5-30’ Youth participation – exploring new forms of participation, online participation and participation in the Internet governance discussion with:
• Marko Grdosic, Advisory Council on Youth
• Regina Jensdottir, Children’s Rights Division, Council of Europe (tbc)
• Jade Boivin, Youth advocate Canada
• Peterking QUAYE, Youth IGF Movement, Liberia (video link)
30’-60’ Exploring the ladder of participation of young people in Internet Governance with the participants. The interactive excercise aims to explore what still needs to be done in terms of rights, means, opportunities, space, support in making youth participation genuinly possible.
60’-70’ Presentation of the recommendations of the seminar on Youth participation in Internet governance by a participant in the seminar (remotely/ online)
70-90’ Discussion of the recommendations, additions from participants, conclusions.