IGF 2017 WS #251 Fast Tracking Digital Dividends for Women in CASA

Short Title
Fast Tracking Digital Dividends for Women in CASA

Proposer's Name: Ms. Maria Beebe

Proposer's Organization: TechAfghanistan and Global Networks

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Shabana Mansory

Co-Proposer's Organization: TechWomen


Ms., Iffat, GILL, Civil Society, ChunriChoupaal Dr., Maria, BEEBE, Technical Community, TechAfghanistan & Global Networks

Additional Speakers

Speaker: Shodiyabegim Bakhtiyorzoda, Uzbekhistan

Speaker: Zarina Chekirbaeva, Kyrgyzstan

Speaker: Mavzuna Abdurahkmanova and Zuhra Halimova, Tajikistan


This proposal is made by TechNation, a Kabul-based technology and entrepreneurship support company, and Global Networks, a US-based non-profit corporation, engaged in facilitating collaborations for a sustainable world, with the support from their programs, TechWomen Afghanistan, and TechWomen CASA.

  1. The session will open with an introduction of the concept of “digital dividends,” based on the World Bank report and other research, with a     focus on women. An “expert” speaker will be invited to “set the stage.”
  2. Country speakers will present case studies that examine the link between (a) quality of access to the Internet and related technologies and (b) quality of foundations for a digital economy, including (1) regulations and public policies of national governments that allow firms to connect and to compete, (2) digital skills that are needed to  leverage uses of technology, and (3) institutions/organizations that are capable and accountable. Moreover, the country speakers will examine the level of digital development of their country (emerging, transitioning or transforming) and determine whether policies match the needed progress and the level of achievement.
  3. The speakers and general participants will then break into small groups (by sectoral interests) to brainstorm and highlight digital development strategies that are broader than ICT strategies that could be scaled  within and between countries. 
  4. The groups come back together to summarize their small group discussions and the invited “resource speakers” will suggest ideas for next steps in the scaling up of the case studies or pilot projects, as a way of shaping women’s digital future in CASA  and accelerating progress. The workshop participants will further explore the link between the workshop topic about fast-tracking digital dividends for women and by women to the overall IGF2017 main theme of Shaping Your Internet.