IGF 2017 WS #261 CyberBRICS: Building the Next Generation Internet, STEP by Step

Short Title
CyberBRICS: Building the Next Generation Internet

Proposer's Name: Mr. Luca Belli

Proposer's Organization: Center for Technology & Society at FGV

Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Cristiana Gonzalez

Co-Proposer's Organization: Center for Technology & Society at FGV


Luca Belli, civil society, Center for Technology & Society at FGV Alison Gillwald, civil society, Research ICT Africa CyberBRICS Project, Multistakeholder

Additional Speakers

Luigi Gambardella,  (CONFIRMED) President of ChinaEU a business-led International Association aimed at intensifying business cooperation and mutual investments in Internet, Telecom and Hi-tech between China and Europe.  Mr. Gambardella is also Founder of Broadband4Europe, serves as Chairman of the Digital Regulation Forum, as President of EUBrasil, the association for development of relations between Europe and Brazil; and as President of Puntoit, the Italian association for development of the digital economy. Sergio Suchodolski, (TBC) Director General of strategy and partnerships, New Development Bank


The first part of the workshop (around 50 minutes) will be dedicated to an interactive roundtable during which the panellists will be asked to provide concise answers (i.e. less than 3-minute-long) to the questions asked by the moderator. Furthermore, panellists will have the possibility to reply to their peers' statements.

Subsequently, the panellists will engage in an open and interactive debate, during which the audience will play a key role asking questions, providing inputs and steering the discussion.

The attendees and the remote participants will be allowed to ask questions during the workshop, but their participation and inputs will be particularly encouraged during the second part of the session.