IGF 2017 WS #34 A Digital Geneva Convention to protect cyberspace

Short Title
A Digital Geneva Convention to protect cyberspace

Proposer's Name: Ms. Jessica Zucker

Proposer's Organization: Microsoft Corporation

Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Kaja Ciglic

Co-Proposer's Organization: Microsoft


Mr. Paul, Nicholas, Private Sector, Microsoft Mr. Duncan, Hollis, Civil Society, Temple University, Geneva Internet Platform/Diplo Foundation


-        The session will begin with an introduction and background on the topic by the moderator (Duncan Hollis). Mr. Hollis will frame the discussion and discuss the format of the roundtable. (5 min)

-        Next 3 speakers will provide brief introductory remarks intended to provide context on the topic in order to frame the roundtable discussion (15 minutes)

o   Paul Nicholas (5 minutes)

o   Ben Hiller (5 minutes)

o   Konstantinos Komaitis (5 minutes)

-        Following the opening remarks, the moderator will facilitate the roundtable conversation with the speakers and resource personnel touching on the following topics (65 minutes)

o   The progress on cybersecurity norms discussions to date

o   The Digital Geneva Convention proposal and the forms it could take

o   Potential challenges in development and implementation

o   Lessons learned from non-ICT fields, drawing upon other processes and experiences of other Geneva based organizations

-        The moderator will have 10 minutes to sum-up discussion and close session.